10 Foods you should not eat if you have high blood pressure

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 1.1 billion people worldwide suffer of hypertension. Many of them don’t even know they have it because this is a silent disease that develops over the years and can eventually be fatal.

The danger with this condition is that it can cause multiple damages to the body over the years, from kidney failure to serious, life-threatening problems such as cardiorespiratory accidents. Hypertension is manageable as long as you have healthy eating habits, otherwise, it will be a risky disease for you.

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Salt and Sugar Principle of Everything

Although there is no shortage of them in our diet, salt and sugar consumption are among the most important causes of hypertension. Basically, hypertension is caused by an increase in fat in the artery walls, which means that the heart has to pump more blood to all the organs in the body.

The problem is found when we ingest significant amounts of sugar and salt and have a sedentary life since both sugar and salt are converted by the liver into fats that if they are not burned with a life of sport will adhere to the walls of the arteries. It is advisable to avoid consuming less than 4 spoonfuls of sugar a day.

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10. Canned Beans

We must start by recognizing that beans are one of the healthiest foods we find since they are a source of vitamins and especially fiber important in inflammatory processes and absorption of bad cholesterol and saturated fats.

Beans like many foods have been used by the food industry to be preserved for a long time, that is the main problem of beans that come in cans because they are exposed to large amounts of sodium and chemicals to extend their life. So if you have hypertension and consume this type of canned food your blood pressure will certainly have worrying levels, even if you don’t have this condition yet it is advisable to consume beans in their natural state without any additives.


9. Prepared Soups

We live in a highly consumerist society so in the market we can find products that are supposed to be healthy and provide important minerals and nutrients for our health. Within that group of processed foods, we find the canned Ready-made Soups.

This type of food does not really provide vitamins or minerals to our body since they have been subjected to chemical industrialization processes so the ingredients they have are harmless in nutritional terms. But instead what they do contain are impressive amounts of sodium and other compounds harmful to the health of people with cardiovascular problems and hypertension.

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8. Cooked Tomatoes

The tomato is a vegetable that has proteins and vitamins important for the ideal development of many metabolic processes that our organism carries out. Unfortunately, the massive consumption of this product has caused large food industries to genetically modify them so that they are firmer, bigger and do not easily get damaged during transport.

Many of these tomatoes with significant chemical alterations are used as raw material for the preparation of tomato-based products such as ketchup, sauces, and others, facing two problems:

  • The first: With the consumption of altered food in the laboratory
  • The second: Products such as ketchup that contain large amounts of sodium for manufacturing.

So if you have problems like hypertension these two aspects are important triggers to aggravate the condition and it is better to avoid them completely and ketchup naturally.

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7. Red or Processed Meats

When we go to the supermarket and pass by the cold chain products section, we find a great variety of meat products such as: Sausages, Bacon, cold cuts and so on. They are foods that are tasty to the palate for their incredible flavor that is produced in part by large amounts of sodium and additives they contain.

It is known that red meat is highly carcinogenic because it reacts with compounds in our body to acidify certain areas of the body. But beyond that, this type of meat has been subjected to such strong industrial processes that there is no trace of vitamins or minerals in them. The consumption of these products by someone who has problems such as blood pressure can be highly dangerous by increasing the number of saturated fats that circulate through the bloodstream.

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6. Frozen Processed Foods

Many frozen and industrially processed foods have been cooked before you eat them, even months before. Did you know that?

In order for a food to be preserved for several months after it has been frozen, many processed foods are subjected to additional processes in significant quantities so that they taste good when consumed. To avoid consuming this type of generic processed food you can opt for natural frozen products or if you buy fish or meat go directly to the butcher to avoid consuming additional additives that affect your health.

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5. Candy or sweets

Although it seems hard to believe, sugars can negatively affect our health and cause diseases such as hypertension or high triglycerides. When sugar enters our body the liver processes it as fat that if not burned will remain inside our arteries, causing us several health disorders.

This does not mean that you should not deprive yourself of one more sweet in your life, you can do it but very regularly. Try replacing sugars in sweets with fruits or foods like bananas that help regulate sodium levels in the blood.

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4.  Soda

It is estimated that around 2.5 billion soft drinks or sodas are consumed worldwide every day, constituting a serious health risk. One of the main causes of hypertension is the exaggerated consumption of sugars that open the door to develop conditions such as diabetes, so it is normal to see people suffering from these two diseases in a row.

The problem with soft drinks, besides their excessive number of chemical components, is the incredible amount of sugar they have. For example, a glass of soda can contain up to 18 teaspoons of sugar. For a person with hypertension problems, drinking soda regularly is a boon to their health and heart health.

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3. Cakes

Who hasn’t had a doughnut or a cake? Although really delicious, regular and excessive consumption of products such as cakes, cookies and other long baked goods can be the trigger for serious health problems. Due to the number of fats and sugars that these products contain and that accompanied by a sedentary life end up affecting a person’s health.

The recommendation from doctors and experts if you have problems with your blood pressure is to considerably reduce the consumption of these products and replace them with natural sweeteners such as honey or coconut sugar.


2. Sauces

Although they accompany certain foods very well, the rooms are an important reservoir of salt and sugar, as well as saturated fats. Sauces as well known as the popularly known tartar sauce have base products such as mayonnaise that have a significant amount of saturated fat and considerable levels of sodium.

The recommendation is to try to consume natural sauces that do not have any harmful dressings and try to replace them with natural seasonings such as garlic, ginger or pepper.

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1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a harmful substance to health, even though there are studies that say that regular alcohol consumption is good, the truth is that it is not. Alcohol has such a strong chemical load that organs such as the liver and pancreas must work overtime to purify the toxins from it.

For a person with blood pressure, alcohol consumption can be deadly and can alter hypertension problems because alcohol contains significant amounts of sugar and other substances. This does not mean that you should not drink alcohol completely, but it does mean that you should reduce your consumption considerably.