12 ways to use baking soda

Before knowing some of its surprising and multiple uses, it is necessary to know that it is the sodium bicarbonate?. known in several ways for example Vichy salt, sodium acid carbonate or soda hydrogen carbonate, has characteristics that make this product is widely used which are: natural, profitable and economical, in addition to amazing.

Obtained from the Natron a mineral, chemically speaking we can say that it is soluble in water, with an alkaline sensation to the palate, to itself at the moment at which it has contact with a moderately strong acid it is altered becoming dioxide of carbon and water.

Since the mid-1800’s it has been known for some of its uses, physically it is a white powder, harmless, non-toxic in low accumulations when ingested.

In these times where we find chemicals such as chlorine, which are used for cleaning houses, offices and so on, we can find in the bicarbonate a more ecological option to replace these chemicals, of course by mixing them with the right elements.

Below we will introduce you to combinations that you can use constantly and that will help you with household tasks and for your health and personal care.

Bicarbonate for Housework

1- Microwave     

Due to its constant use in some houses and to the stains created by the grease in the walls of this device. The neatness of this appliance is essential and fundamental to prevent deterioration or damage ,   in many cases it is boring having to sponge the microwave for hours. But thanks to the baking soda you could forget about this.

You can make   a dough with 3 parts bicarbonate, 1 spoonful of water and the juice of a lemon, then spread this inside the microwave and let it work all night, the next day you can scrub, with hot water and soap until and you can say bye to the  dirt.

2- Stove

Is the most used element in our kitchen and we use it at least three times a day, cleaning is usually left every so often. Now we can find any amount of degreasing products that make this task easy, but many times we do not have these degreasing products on hand. It is there when the bicarbonate could be the solution that we hope.

To do this you    must spread baking soda    all over the stove, then with a clean cloth soaked in hot water cover the stove, and leave it for 15 minutes. Past this time remove it and with hot water more detergent    and a sponge wash the stove. But  if you can still see stains repeat the procedure  this time adding vinegar to the cloth with which you cover the stove.

3- The washing-machine

It is an  appliance that we use a lot and we must clean it every so often because if we don’t do this, we will find that far from fulfilling the function for which it was designed, it will leave the clothes with a bad smell , If we not clean it,  we will find mold and dirt in the hose and microorganisms in the washing machine drum, all this will cause, its machinery will be damaged, diminishing its useful life.

You can make the following mixture:  you must use ¼ cup of water and the same amount of bicarbonate, put this in the soap dispenser.

Also add 2 cups of white vinegar to the drum and run the washing machine on a hot water cycle, this treatment can be done every month, to make a continuous decontamination and to get your clothes clean.

4- Bathroom cup

It is necessary to maintain an impeccable toilet to avoid mainly damages in our health. when we find a dirty toilet we can observe a yellowish or brown color, with formation even sometimes of scabs this due to the calcium and other minerals which the water carries. We can also find of course germs and bacteria.

To solve this prepare the following mixture: lemon and baking soda, spread this and let it work overnight. Then the next day, rub with a sponge and you will see how all the dirt disappears. You can also use it on the rest of the toilet and bathroom walls.


Furniture can be one of the favorite places in our house, this is not a secret. There it is the place  where we find the couches and usually where we receive our visitors and can be get dirty it , but quiet because there is an easy solution and at hand, so that your furniture looks like it just came out of the factory.

Add 1 portion of soap, 5 portions of white vinegar, 1 portion of bicarbonate and 1 glass of hot water, spread this with the help of a spray, leave this for a few seconds and clean with a damp cloth, this can be done weekly.

if on the contrary what you have is a stain, just make a mass with bicarbonate and water, let it act and if what bothers you is the bad smell, with the help of a spray spread a mixture of bicarbonate and water, let it dry for 20 minutes and that’s it.

6-Pot and Dish

For some this task of washing dishes and pots is not pleasant, because usually you find remains of food stuck, something that delays this simple task. But  although there are chemicals that help us solve this, this type of chemical products are not friendly to the environment  for this reason we can choose to use bicarbonate.

Incorporate a portion of baking soda to the dishwashing soap you use, if you do it by hand add the baking soda to the sponge to perform this action, its astringent feature, helps remove fat,  the use of baking soda in the dishwashing can leave them free of bacteria, fungi and germs., something very important if we consider that these utensils are in contact with the food we eat.

7-Dental Whitening

Taking into account that nowadays the aesthetics of the teeth is very important, seeing a yellowish stain alerts us to the deterioration that is occurring in our teeth, this due to bad habits, drinks, food or age.

A very easy treatment to find to do in our homes, is the bicarbonate like this: brushing our teeth with half a portion of bicarbonate and some toothpaste. usually this can be done twice a month.

8- Facial Scrub

It is a very beneficial procedure for the skin, because it removes the dead cells that are in it. With the bicarbonate you can make masks that help in this process, but you have to be careful when using it because of the alkaline characteristic that it has, because it can produce excoriation or dehydration of the skin.

If you still decide to make the mask, you can do it in the following way: use a bit of cleansing lotion, half a portion of bicarbonate, stir well and you will put this on your face taking care of your eyes.

9- Acne

One of the most common skin problems that most of us have had  to deal with at some point in our lives. is caused by excess oil on our skin, which helps in the formation of blackheads and pimples, the abundance of these ends up inflaming the skin and creating the annoying pimples

You can make a bicarbonate mask like this: In a bowl, mix 2 portions of bicarbonate and 2 portions of honey, stir this until you have a homogeneous mixture, smear this mass on the face and leave it for about half an hour, clean with warm water, this you can do twice a week.

10- Deodorant

If you like to use natural cosmetics, then we should recommend baking soda as a natural deodorant,  because it helps to counteract the bad smell coming from the armpits, but you must bear in mind that it is a bone deodorant that blocks the elimination of toxins, not an antiperspirant that basically prevents sweating which makes most commercial deodorants.

To do this is very easy, in your hand mix some hot water and bicarbonate, after mixing well, smear this on your armpits, take into account if you are allergic you can  do a test before.


A beauty article very used by all of us is the comb, something that needs cleaning from time to time because of the remains of natural oils that are left in it, which come from the scalp, so it is very important to learn how to clean these elements.

After combing as you normally do, remove any remaining hair, dip your comb in a cup containing hot water and a portion of baking soda for about half an hour, then wash and dry it well before using it again.

12- eye bags

This is one of the most common cosmetic problems, there are many treating them that promise to solve it, however many times they turn out to be lies.
therefore we recommend you use baking soda

In a glass with warm water, dissolve a portion of bicarbonate, dip a cotton ball in the mixture and put it under your eyes for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and wash your face, you will see immediate results.