13 signs that your body is dehydrated

Several medical experts agree that hydration is extremely important for our health. Because efficient hydration allows our body’s metabolic processes to run smoothly and even our organs to function without any disturbance.

Many people today forget the importance of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. We must understand that although 70% of our body is water, components such as blood need this vital liquid continuously to regenerate and be able to transport oxygen to all our organs. That is why when a person suffers from dehydration the first organs to fail are the kidneys, pancreas and later the brain.

Today at 23viral.com we will show you, 13 symptoms that your body will have to indicate that you are not drinking enough water day by day.

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13. Prolonged illness

When we have some kind of disease, our body through the system is the natural barrier to attack any bug that enters our body. Unfortunately, many people today tend to have a very low immune system as a result of poor hydration because it allows the blood to create more red and white blood cells.

So, if we have a weak immune system we will be suffering continuously from colds, flu or fevers. It is also fundamental to recognize that when our body tries to eliminate toxins it does so through the Blood and our kidneys. When the presence of water in our body is low we will begin to have problems in the urine, this will be discussed below …

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12. Dark urine

The Kidneys have significant importance in our body since they are in charge of eliminating the toxins that our body generates in the form of waste, a malfunction of this organ will be the beginning of more serious problems in our health. That is why urine has a fundamental factor in knowing how our body is behaving and in preventing possible infections of the urinary tract.

In that sense, dark-colored urine will indicate that your hydration levels are quite low because the blood does not have enough water to dilute toxins and waste properly, so the end result is a dark color. Meanwhile, clear urine will indicate that your kidneys are correctly filtering out waste and toxins from your body.

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11. Constant Headaches

One of the main causes of headaches or dizziness is that our brain is getting too little blood, which is why we often feel these uncomfortable symptoms.

When we don’t drink the right amount of water, we can suffer from problems such as low blood pressure which is one of the main causes of our blood not reaching our organs properly by feeling constant dizziness. It is also known that correct hydration contributes to the creation of blood cells so if we do not hydrate ourselves well our blood will not have enough of this water for the cells to carry oxygen to the rest of the body, including the brain.

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10. Muscle Spasms

If you are a person who continually suffers from problems such as muscle pain or muscle spasms it may be due to a problem with dehydration.

Recent studies have shown that the occurrence of muscle spasms is related to the loss of nutrients and lipids from our muscles. So remember to stay hydrated every time you exercise, because if you are not properly hydrated you run the risk of serious muscle injuries when doing an activity as simple as jogging or jumping.


9. Hungry  after eating

Feeling hungry after eating can be related to a quite natural aspect of our organism: When our body needs liquid a part of our brain called thalamus is in charge of sending the thirst signal.

But it often happens that when we eat large meals, our brain can confuse the sensation of thirst with hunger. That’s why experts recommend after eating a big meal to accompany it with natural juice with fruits like an apple for example because they are rich in fiber and water.

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8. Digestive problems

In addition to causing your digestion to be less than fully effective, consuming too little water could leave you vulnerable to bug attacks that can go on at meals.

For example, it has been shown that some pathogens that enter the body generate diarrhea and vomiting, which causes your body to lose fluids quickly and if you are not hydrated, your clinical picture could worsen. So if you want to stay healthy and avoid problems like gastritis or reflux, perfect hydration is the key…


7. Constipation

One of the main reasons why people suffer from constipation is precise that they do not consume the necessary water and therefore bowel movements cannot be performed properly.

Dehydration has a great impact on our intestinal system, this is because the body tries to keep water in the blood, by absorbing water in the stool so the stool that contains less water becomes more difficult to evacuate and bowel movements may begin to stop. So if you want to avoid hours of sitting in the bathroom, drink 8 glasses of water a day and you will see the big difference in your bowel movements.

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6. Lack of Sweat

Perspiration is extremely important for our body because through this action our body manages to regulate its temperature. It is for this reason that when we are faced with high temperatures this type of thermal response is activated in our brain more precisely in the hypothalamus.

Sweat is also essential, to eliminate bacteria naturally. It is estimated that a person in normal conditions carries about half a liter a day. However, the problem when we have little water consumption is that our body has no reserves of this liquid in situations that require it and with the slightest thermal alteration, we can have syncope and have a very bad time. Drink Water!

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5. Decreased muscle mass

In recent years it has become a common belief that the secret of having a toned body, where you can see the prominence of our muscles is precisely not drinking water or drinking it only when needed. It is a myth that has become popular especially in disciplines such as bodybuilding.

But beyond being true, several doctors and nutritionists share that this idea is false and comment that the correct hydration on the contrary strengthens the muscles, joints even helps to have healthy tendons avoiding injuries in the future.


4. Dry Skin

You may not know it but 30% of our skin is made up of water, the remaining percentage is made up of other elements such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins. In a person who has little water consumption that we will notice is that he will have a dry and tremendously aged skin.

Dermatologists recommend excellent hydration as well as the consumption of foods rich in Vitamin B6, which interact with water to eliminate free radicals that are precisely those that generate skin aging.

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3. Fatigue

There are many factors involved in a person suffering from fatigue from metabolic problems to heart problems. However, doctors point out that the root of many fatigue problems is related to poor hydration.

The correct hydration is extremely important in breathing because when we do not have enough water in our body tries to find water in other sources mainly the blood and remember that our blood is responsible for transporting oxygen to all our body. Therefore the recommendation is to maintain excellent hydration and surely the fatigue will start to go away.


2. Weight gain

By consuming the amount recommended by doctors, which is between 8 and 9 glasses of water, you may be able to lose weight, but watch out!

Experts say that drinking one glass of about 100 ml of water a day will be enough to help improve the body’s metabolism levels by 50%. So you will be able to metabolize fats better and lose weight naturally.

1. Changes of temperament

Many times the change of temperament is directly related to neurological changes caused by the lack of blood oxygenation.

doctors have managed to describe that the slightest decrease in the presence of water in the blood is responsible for causing mood changes due to the low oxygenation capacity at the brain level. So the next time you have a bad temper, try drinking a glass of water.