8 Foods that increase your blood pressure

According to data from The World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.2 billion people in the world suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure; the same report also details that more and more people acquire this condition at an earlier age, as a result of consuming various foods rich in salt and trans fats that can damage our health.

Medical science has been responsible for promoting healthy eating habits among the world’s population to prevent an increase in cases of hypertension. This condition is known as a silent disease, because it can go unnoticed by the person for a long time, in unfortunate cases, patients are discovered where the progression of the disease has caused kidney and heart damage.

Given this panorama, the recommendation of specialists is to have a diet that is poor in salt and sodium, trying to keep the regular consumption of saturated fats as far as possible. Several independent studies have shown the relationship of a number of foods that can raise blood pressure naturally. So, you may be eating some of these foods and not know it.

So if you want to keep your blood pressure level; today we will show you 8 foods that can put your health at risk by raising your blood pressure.

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1. Licorice

Although it tastes unpleasant, this plant of African origin is consumed in several countries around the world as a natural supplement to help eliminate cough-related conditions.

Licorice comes as a natural solution to problems like rheumatoid arthritis as it concentrates on anti-inflammatory properties. However, some of its compounds, such as sodium, which are present in large quantities, could significantly alter the level of blood pressure. For them, several specialists agree to consult a medical professional when they consume this herbaceous plant if they have hypertension problems.


2. Crab sticks

If there is anything that can accompany everything from a salad to the stuffing of delicious croquettes, it is crab sticks. Although they don’t have a special flavor they can get us out of trouble when our pantry is not complete.

Crab sticks are mainly made from the meat of various types of fish that usually do not have much commercial outlet, the problem with this food is that it uses large amounts of salt, sugars, and phosphates for its manufacture so when consumed regularly can end up affecting your blood pressure.

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3. The Ramen 

Ramen, which looks like a traditional Chinese noodle, has gradually become a fashionable dish. Its origin is Japanese and it is usually accompanied by sushi and other types of Japanese food. Its economic price makes it an attractive product to consume between meals.

The problem in consuming this food is that in addition to significant amounts of sodium, monosodium glutamate, which is an artificial additive to which many people are susceptible, is used in its manufacture. So for every serving of Ramen, we consume we will find at least 2 grams of sodium this amount is enough to boost your blood pressure in minutes.


4. Chocolate

If it is true that chocolate can help us positively to improve several health pathologies, it is presented as a food that can increase blood pressure when consumed excessively.

This is basically because chocolate contains large amounts of sugar in its manufacture and contrary to what many people think, consuming large amounts of sugar is just as or even more harmful than consuming strong amounts of salt or products with sodium. They can easily become bad cholesterol which adheres to the vessel walls causing serious problems of hypertension or worsening existing ones.

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5. Cereal bars

Who hasn’t eaten some delicious cereal bars when we go to the supermarket, we find them every day and they are very delicious. However, if you have blood pressure problems, this popular food may be harmful to you.

Despite containing cereals and although these largely help to treat high blood pressure as is the case with oats. Cereal bars use large amounts of sugars, trans fats, and salt in their manufacture which can be converted like chocolate into bad cholesterol (LDL).


6. Sugared drinks

According to several independent reports, sugary drinks are presented as the cause of serious problems such as diabetes and more recently it has been concluded that those people who consume in excess, this type of drink developed bad cholesterol over time which implied the appearance of hypertension.

As we mentioned before, both salts and sugars are converted into fat when they reach our liver. In a highly sedentary world this type of fat gradually accumulates in the vascular walls, which over time presented problems of high Triglycerides and over time will become hypertension.

Therefore the recommendation is to try to replace this type of drink by natural sweeteners and if you do not have available to these consume water.

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7. Sparkling water

Sometimes when we have a hot day or have taken a walk we think there is nothing like a bottle of gas to quench our thirst. However, if you are a person who is prone to high blood pressure episodes, you may have to forego this type of drink.

The problem with carbonated water is basically the high levels of sugars it contains. In addition, several chemicals are used in its manufacture that can be harmful to the heart. Several studies show that gas with mineral water can be beneficial to health, but bottled water with gas can be quite negative to health.

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8. Red meat

If there is something that is consumed in the world is red meat, although delicious and full of flavor that is accompanied by a good barbecue or a hamburger, red meat can become over time food that can increase the level of triglycerides, uric acid and return acid our body.

Red meat can also affect your metabolism which can alter the cholesterol concentrations in our blood. Another problem with red meat is its ability to retain fluids, so if you stop eating red meat daily you will see your feet and other extremities slowly deflate and become inflamed, affecting your blood pressure levels.

We recommend you to be careful when consuming the foods mentioned above if you have problems related to high blood pressure to avoid possible future complications and if you do not have problems related to hypertension is advisable not to consume these foods in excess and prevent possible health problems.