Are Ben Affleck’s personal problems affecting his career?

It is now known that this is all due to his alcohol addiction, family problems and his recent divorce that has led the veteran actor into a terrible depression from which he is trying to get out.

Many of us remember Ben Affleck starring in iconic films such as Pearl Harbor (2001) or Armageddon (1998), in those years we saw a young man passionate about his work as a Hollywood actor.

According to friends who knew him during that time was a young man jovial, happy and eager to take to the top of his career, was achieving little by little to achieve in 2012 write the script of the film Argo, which earned him an Oscar for best script of that year.

Poster of the successful film I starred in in 2001

But now we see a discouraged Ben with several alcohol addiction problems, which are causing problems in their work relationships and ended up killing the relationship with the actress Jennifer Garner.
She divorced in 2018 with whom he had formed a relationship of more than 8 years having 3 children, this last family problem would have put the Affleck in a new alcohol relapse.

In a recent interview he commented:

I drank relatively normally for a long time. What happened was that I started drinking more and more when my marriage was falling apart, this was between 2015 and 2016. My drinking, of course, created even more marital problems”.

Many in the Hollywood say that it is impossible to get Ben out of the hole he has fallen into, and comment that during the filming of the Batman Vs Superman movie, he used to be seen during the filming consuming alcohol, an aspect that even bothered the director of the critically acclaimed movie Zack Snyder, it seemed that not even wearing the batman suit could give him the courage to overcome his serious alcohol addiction.

Two years ago Affleck was admitted to a rehab and detox clinic and was supposedly rehabilitated but has continued to have constant relapses.

 Recently he gave an interview to the New York Times where he says that the biggest mistake he could have made in his life was the separation with Jennifer Garner and he comments the following:

Shame is really toxic. There are no positive by-products of shame. It’s just a toxic, horrible feeling of low self-esteem.

Although the actor is aware of the damage that his addiction has caused to his wife and family, he is aware that he has made many mistakes and that he only wishes he could make up for the lost time and abandon that scourge that plagues him day after day.

His addiction to alcoholism led him to lose important roles in his career and one of them was to step aside from directing the film Batman, giving the position to Matt Reeves who would take over the direction of the film.
He is currently starring in a feature film called The Way Back in which the protagonist must fight against his alcoholism and seeks to reconcile with his wife.
Perhaps this is the opportunity that will lead Ben Affleck to acknowledge his problem with alcohol, and thus regain those he has lost and above all regain that peace and happiness with which we used to see him in the past.