Are you an office worker? Look at these 9 things that could be putting your health at risk

With increasing globalization, office jobs have been growing year by year. We all know someone who works in an office, there’s no denying that. The problem with this type of work is that those who do it spend hours sitting in front of a computer which can have health consequences over time. Studies have even revealed that working in an office can contribute to a person’s bad eating habits and their tendency to be sedentary.

Offices commonly handle high levels of stress, which can affect your emotional health. Today at, we will show you what are the things that you mistakenly do in your office that can be putting your mental and physical health at risk.

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9. Consuming Sweets

When working in an office you Have the risk of gaining 70% more weight than other professions, this is because many times office workers prefer to eat processed foods full of carbohydrates instead of replacing it with a salad or a simple fruit.

That’s why many nutritionists recommend that you exchange this type of snack full of refined sugars and simple carbohydrates for something healthier like an apple, pear or grape. Another good option is nuts or peanuts, which although not very appetizing are rich in minerals and fiber, which can help your health.

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8. Take a coffee in the afternoon

Office work can often be stressful and heavy and that consumes a lot of our energy during the early hours of the day. That’s why we feel tired in the afternoon, without the desire to continue or even sleep.  The problem with this is that your body will get used to these absurd changes in metabolism and the amount of caffeine can alter your insulin levels affecting organs such as your pancreas.

The recommendation against consuming this type of drink in the afternoon, is to replace it with water, one liter of water a day will be enough to feel vital and that your body manages to replenish the nutrients it needs. If possible in the afternoon, try to consume some kind of natural juice, as fruits contain significant amounts of natural sugars that the body can metabolize more easily and help you get the energy you need.

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7. No rest

Nowadays we are exposed to quite heavy workloads which makes us almost forget to take a break or a break during our working hours. The problem with this is that our body is a complete system in which mind and body work in sync, so if you overexpose your brain to heavy workloads it will get exhausted and problems will start to arise: Stress which are triggers for complex conditions such as anxiety, depression and others.

Stay relaxed! That’s the secret to greater productivity in your work. That’s why you only take 10 minutes during the day to take an active break. Things like: walking around, getting some air, talking to a colleague or even telling a joke will make you feel more relaxed or relieved.


6. Eating out

Health matters more than money! In the midst of so many stressful situations at work many people forget to eat at their respective times and when they realize they have forgotten to have lunch or even breakfast. This habit, which many women also practice to lose weight, is extremely critical to health.

So if you are one of those people who skips meals, let us tell you that you are unknowingly damaging your health. It’s better to stop work for 20 minutes than to have to lose your health and suffer in the future. In the same way, it is also advisable to prepare your own lunch, as many of the meals sold on the street or in restaurants are not completely healthy.


5. Excess labour

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), problems related to work-related stress are on the rise and have affected the mental health of many people. Not only does working long hours affect your physiological health, it also starts to make cracks in your mental and emotional health and in your relationships with your family or friends.

Sort out your working hours and don’t allow the insinuations of your colleagues or bosses to make you feel full of work and end up losing your peace of mind and above all having problems with your own. Also remember that overworking can alter your metabolic processes which will contribute to problems in your organs in the future

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4. Sitting all day

One of the main characteristics of office work is sitting for hours. Our body isn’t adapted to remain in a fixed position for so many hours, as over time damage to the spine and neck problems begin to appear. Even independent studies are showing that problems related to the colon would be related to sitting for a long time and not having a daily walk of at least 20 minutes.

Physiotherapists recommend taking active breaks during your work of five minutes every three hours to allow your body to relax and avoid muscle tension or bad positions. It’s also important to keep your computer at your head height to avoid headaches and neck problems. Talk to your company’s occupational health manager and ask them about active break exercises that are sure to work for you.

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3. Do not consume water

Our body is 70% water, but every day we need to replenish this important liquid for many functions of our body, especially cellular oxygenation. Doctors always advise that the amount of water required by a person is eight glasses a day as our body needs this vital fluid to complete many important metabolic processes for the body. You may forget to hydrate yourself while working, but drinking water is important to keep you vital and energized.

If you work in an office, it’s important to have water near you, so that when you see it you are sure to take a drink of water and your body will thank you for it. It’s important to remember that nowadays it has become common recipes that recommend only drinking water a day on this. Drinking water can only damage tissues and cells and cause diseases such as cancer.

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2. Negative Environment

When you enter a job you will undoubtedly always find people you fit in with and others you feel you will not get along with. This is normal because nobody is a gold coin to like everyone, this type of situation added to the stress in the same job generates a quite negative and toxic environment that makes going to work and more if it is in an office becomes a real torment.

Psychologists recommend that when faced with a negative work environment, try to stay away from colleagues who make you feel uncomfortable or gossip. They also recommend that you try to take relaxation therapy at home to help you level out your emotional state and deal with these situations sooner.

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1. No eye protection

If you work in an office, you’ll be exposed to a computer screen for hours, whether you are writing, designing or doing any other activity. The problem with these types of screens is that they emit UV rays that are tremendously harmful to the eye and can cause vision problems over time, whether it be astigmatism or myopia, even more serious problems such as cataracts and dry eyes.

Ophthalmology experts have repeatedly mentioned active pauses, because when we’re in front of these screens we avoid blinking and this dries out the eyes affecting their functioning. It’s also important to go to the ophthalmologist and buy refreshing glasses with UV protection, so that your eyes feel good and you avoid eye strain.