Are you over 40 years old? These are the exercise routines that therapists recommend

There is a saying: “40 is the new 20”. For many people, reaching 40 represents a new cycle in their lives, whether in the family, professional or personal projects, but above all it represents significant changes in health. By the age of 40 our bodies are already beginning to feel the effects of ageing, and conditions such as osteoporosis or heart problems, blood pressure or others are beginning to appear.

However, let’s not lie to ourselves, getting older is a fairly natural process among us and surely in the blink of an eye we are already touching 40. But although ageing cannot be stopped, what we can do is to practice exercises that will benefit us in our daily lives, accompanied by good healthy eating habits.

That’s why today we’ll teach you 5 exercise routines that you should do if you’re over 40. We assure you that if you do them judiciously, whoever sees you will say Woooow! Are you really 40, you look 20?

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5. Bye to Fat

When you reach the fourth floor or 40 years it is easy to accumulate fat, this is a big problem because it can be the door to have heart problems caused by triglycerides or cholesterol. So what the experts explain is to start first of all with a diet rich in fiber, leaving aside the harmful carbohydrates.

To burn fat you can do a variety of exercises that can help you have a healthy body. Some of the most popular exercises for people over 40 include balancing with Russian weights, kneeling, jumping jacks and step-ups.

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4. Pulling Muscles

You may not know it, but as you age your muscle mass is lost, as a result of the loss of nutrients over the years. That’s why it’s important to consume protein, fruit and vitamins and have an exercise routine aimed at maintaining and trying to increase your muscle mass so that when you reach 60, your body looks impeccable.

Doctor Juan Diaz Aparicio, a well known Mexican therapist, mentions that when you reach 40 you should do exercises such as riding a bicycle or an elliptical trainer, in order to strengthen the leg muscles and some of the back muscles. You can also reinforce the routine with exercises such as: The shoulder press that will give firmness to the upper back muscles, even exercises such as squats help keep your body healthy and young.

Watch one of these exercises in the following video.

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3. Let’s get moving!

One of the biggest problems that people have is an exponential growth of sedentarism which is being a direct cause of diseases such as arthritis and other conditions at the joint level. Experts recommend that moderate physical activity is important for reaching a healthy old age, so if you’re 40 it’s time to get moving and fill up with vitality.

When you do movement related training you will be strengthening the tendons which will eventually be strengthened. Among the exercises you can do at home to make movements are shoulder transfers, neck semicircles and then opening the hips.

Watch this video on how to make these Moves easily.

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2. Maintaining the balance

According to the health entities one of the concerns is the increase of home accidents of people over 65 years old related to balance problems.The special recommendation is to start working on balance exercises now so that when you reach this age you can avoid these risks. There are many exercises that physiotherapists teach so that people can perform among them we have the following:

  • Stand up for at least 2 minutes.
  • To do this, stay on one foot at a time
  • Look for a swinging board and try to keep your balance
  • Finally do a squatting exercise on the floor.

This video will guide you.

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1. Jogging

All the above exercises have their vital importance in strengthening every part of our body. However, when it comes to obtaining better results throughout our body and improving cardiovascular function by efficiently eliminating fat, it is necessary to jog.

Jogging is perhaps one of the easiest and most accessible exercises for anyone, so if you are 40 years old remember to have a daily jogging routine. It’s worth noting that when you jog almost 65% of your muscles will be in motion.

Also among the benefits of jogging are:

  • You can easily lose weight
  • Eliminate cellulite or uncomfortable chubbiness.
  • Strengthen bones by preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • It increases muscle mass significantly.
  • You fight stress, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.