Attack by a radical extremist leaves at least eleven dead in Germany The attacker killed, his mother.

A 43-year-old German attacker identified as Thomas R opened fire on two bars where Turkish and Hindu communities used to meet.

At least 11 dead would have left the suicide attack.

This Thursday, Germany woke up to the shock of two new shootings that took place on Wednesday night in western Germany. According to the latest police report, eleven people were killed and nine injured.                                                   

The federal police have begun investigations, but the first hypotheses speak of a xenophobic attack by an extreme right-wing radical, who was found dead next to the body of his mother at her home.

The events took place in Hanau, a city of 93,000 inhabitants located 20 kilometers from Frankfurt. This allowed the police to follow his trail; finding him dead, at around 3 am this Thursday next to the body of an elderly woman who is presumed to be his mother.

The attacker, who had a license to carry hunting weapons, left a video and a 24-page writing in which he argues and confesses the crimes as well as the reasons that motivated him to do them. German media such as : the Tabloid Bild managed to establish that the reasons that motivated him to carry out this attack, would be related to Related to xenophobic issues.

Tobias Rathjen, the alleged attacker (Germany)

German authorities, headed by Prime Minister Peter Buth, expressed their condolences to the family of the victims and rejected the murder of eleven citizens for reasons of hatred. Federal government spokesman Steffen Seibert also tweeted in the early hours of Thursday:  “This morning thoughts are with the people of Hanau, in whose center a terrible crime was committed. Our deep concern goes out to the affected families, who are mourning their dead”.

The first attack killed 5 people and occurred in the Midnight bar. according to investigations by federal police Thomas R, arrived at the entrance of the bar, then went to the area ready for smoking where without a word began to open fire impacting 1 woman and 4 men among whom was a citizen of Kurdish origin. The bar was not only a meeting place for Turkish citizens but also a restaurant specializing in oriental food.

The second attack came minutes later in an establishment located 2 kilometers from the place where the first attack took place and which was called The Arena Bar & Café; There the attacker opened fire from a black BMW car that was moving causing the death of 4 more people. The car would be the same found in the house where the murderer took his life hours later along with his mother.

After the event, Hanau City was besieged by anti-terrorist police forces.

Moments after the massacre, the federal police launched a large operation throughout the city to surround the attacker and prevent his escape.
Sources consulted by Reuters speak of at least 40 cars arranged throughout the city; A strong operation of special federal police commandos with machine guns and other assault weapons carrying out raids on the home and workplace of the Tomas R.

According to the testimony of the son of the manager of the Midnight bar consulted by the DPA news agency, among the dead are 2 employees of the premises and adds “It is a shock for everyone”.

While many German politicians like Lars Klingbeil, a member of the Social Democratic Party, blame this hate crime on the recently created and popular far-right party ALTERNATIVE FOR GERMANY ( AfD ) which has been responsible for sowing a climate of hate and xenophobia towards thousands of foreign communities residing in the country. And Says *The party has poisoned the social climate in recent months. It is quite clear that AfD is a party that needs to be monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)*.

Germany has already experienced this type of attack in the past and in the great majority of cases it is created by a fervent rejection of many conservative and ultra-right-wing sectors of the country, who do not see with very good pleasure the massive arrival of immigrants from the Middle East and Syria, As a product of the war that is being waged there and that has been propitiated by the government of Angela Merkel who has provided protection to these foreign citizens who arrive in the country as exiles.

Alternative for Germany, a political group that they blame for the xenophobia outbreaks in the country.

The explanation for this type of rejection is inspired, according to many citizens by the fear that within this immigrant population come infiltrated residual cells of terrorist groups such: as isis, and they have their argument to think about it. one of the jihadist attacks that occurred in December 2016 in Berlin took the lives of at least 12 people.

However, for the government, the main concern is that this hatred that is just spreading throughout the country will end up causing what they call extreme right-wing terrorism, which took the life at the hands of an attacker from a deputy That fight to protect migrants. He belongs to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political group.

In recent months the German police have reported these kinds of xenophobic attacks that have reached, with the passing of time, greater proportions.

Today, Germany is home to more than 1.3 million migrants, 70% of whom are of Syrian origin or from countries close to the Middle East.

So, in October 2019, a supporter of the ultra-right-wing ideas tried to attack a synagogue in Halle; alleging contempt for these communities of Arab origin and denying the existence of the holocaust. All this while trying to convey the fact through the Internet. Fortunately, the members of that religious agglomeration managed to entrench themselves and save their lives.

Last Friday, according to a report by the German anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office, 12 members of a right-wing extremist group called Twilight who were planning several terrorist attacks on holy places in Arab communities in the country were captured.

 In view of these serious facts of xenophobia, many communities have expressed their alarm to the authorities. Thus, the ditib association that groups the Muslim communities in Germany have expressed its voice of rejection to this wave of hate and has asked for greater protection from the German federal government since, according to them, “they no longer feel safe”.

Finally, German intelligence agencies have been working on collecting evidence leading to the capture of persons who threaten national security, a task that has led to more than 50 people being captured for alleged xenophobic attacks.