Bernie Sanders and his affinity for Cuban and Latin American socialism that could put him in a tough spot.

Bruno Sander and his defence of Fidel Castro’s communist model.

The 78-year-old Democratic politician is in the news in the United States because of his particular statements in which he demonstrates a particular empathy for communism and some policies implemented by politicians belonging to Foro de Sao Pablo.
During the last months sander has caused rejection because of phrases in which he comments, (That whoever should belong to the democratic party should be a moderate socialist otherwise it would not be logical to belong to the collectivity).

The politician has the Democratic Party divided today.

In another of his statements, the New York politician praises and exalts Fidel Castro as well as defends the policies implemented by Evo morales; Who was removed from office by a fraudulent election with which he sought to remain in power for more than 20 years.
At the same time, he expresses his admiration for the mature Venezuelan leader Nicolas and says that for him the only legitimate president of Venezuela is Chavez’s successor.

This kind of statement, according to several political analysts like Alberto Montaner, will not be good for the Democratic Party and will end up costing the loss of moderate voters who are within the party.
Another sector, in particular, that would move away from the party would be a large group of young people who don’t like the cold war boasts promoted by the politician.

The youth vote is one of the major objectives of the Democratic candidates.

Although many say that Sanders is an old politician who got stuck in the absurd idea that socialism; for many others, he is a politician who seeks a simple strategy and that is to collect votes, support from those communities that inhabit the country and despite the great possibilities that are offered is not enough to cover their basic expenses.

In one of his speeches, Bernie mentioned that America needed to implement “democratic socialism like in Sweden and Denmark” to which the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen tried to explain that Denmark has a market economy that does not contrast in any way with the utopian ideal of perfect socialism.
That is why Sanders is looking for another tactic and is exalting the model of many Latin American leaders, which is complemented by some analysts as a fierce struggle to reach the vote and support of Latino communities living in states like Florida, Texas and California.

For many within the Democratic Party, Sander is easy prey for President Donald Trump, who is running for re-election. Because he reincarnates the fears that Donald Trump repeats daily in his speeches, and it is his mission to protect the American people from communism.

Sander lives in a parallel world in which he fails to understand that socialism fell abruptly in 1989; Because it showed that it is only a system that works well from the theoretical point of view, but when it is put into practice it destroys all human freedoms and leads the population of a region to decline, poverty and misery.
Sanders fails to understand that the Scandinavian model is not socialism but a free market economy where people’s fundamental rights such as private property and freedom of opinion are protected.
It seems as if the 78-year-old senator ignored the current reality and above all that he did not know that no political democracy has existed under a centrally planned economy.

All those that have existed have been a failure, where a dictator of totalitarian order assumes all the organisms of the state, kidnaps them and makes them available to start persecuting those who do not agree with his policies.
Likewise, while the economy of planned equality leads the country to decline because it affects the private means of production, taking away all capacity to maneuver in order to boost the economy, the dictator gets richer by the millions.

you only have to go to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Laos, North Korea and other African countries to know that this kind of socialism that sanders promises does not exist. it is only a malevolent system that creates the elimination of the right to private property, makes agriculture collective and creates economic protectionism of the national industry so exaggerated that it prevents the growth of a country, closing it to the commercial advances that globalization generates.

The Cuban community in the United States that belongs to the Democratic Party have shown their non-support for the candidate.

Based on what has been previously commented, in all these countries where totalitarian regimes that love socialism come to power, a significant increase in uncontrolled expropriations can be noticed, full of hatred towards those who generate employment and energize the economy of a country.
Excessive control of the currency would drive national production to the ground, as Sanders’ socialism seeks to control the state and private means of production by giving them to a group of trade unionists who claim to represent the interests of the workers. But who in the end up being more corrupt and meaner than those politicians who used to criticize for the same acts.

Socialism is only a step towards the decline of a society and the clearest case is Venezuela, which in the 80’s had a per capita income much higher than that of the Americans themselves, even higher than that of the Nordic countries, but all this is part of the past since thanks to the arrival of socialism at the beginning of the 21st century, and today it ended up turning Venezuela into a country with 90% of the population living in poverty.

This is what Cuba looks like after almost 70 years of socialist revolution

It would have to be seen what kind of American who loves his homeland or his country accepts the ideas of this gentleman who more than being a patron seems to hate his country and his citizens.

Now many followers, blinded by the beauty of what Sanders says, defend their postulates by arguing that Sanders does not want to impose the socialism of Fidel Castro or the same socialism that has Venezuela in chaos or poverty today; but rather seeks to implement a system in the United States that gives equality to every citizen, something similar to the popular story they usually mention to defend their theses full of utopia and is the so-called Scandinavian socialism.
But these unpatriotic people forgot to tell him that the kind of Scandinavian socialism that Bernie Sanders is proposing is nothing more than the capitalist market system where each individual has high rates of taxation to finance the welfare state provided by the state.

There, in these countries, as in the case of Sweden, the taxation of companies is one of the lowest in the world. All this causes a great injection of foreign capital into the national economy, but contrary to Sanders’ socialism, what it proposes is to attack these businessmen who move the national industry with great taxes and tariffs.
In Sweden, for example, there is a very dynamic job offer and generous social legislation that allows productivity rates to be one of the best.

That’s why every time you hear the utopia of the nordic countries, remember that it is the fine representation of democratic capitalism, that socialists like Ortega, Castro, sanders, and Maduro don’t want to hear, but if it is the perfect argument for their propaganda that generates class hatred and utopian fantasies that will never happen, in fact, don’t think that they hate capitalism on the contrary they adore it because they have enriched themselves by naming friends or relatives as their front men.

If you don’t just look at the case of Fidel Castro who holds a fortune of almost $1 billion, or the daughter of the late Hugo Chavez who is worth almost $2 billion.

So Senator Sanders, please do not be afraid to read a little, the place of committing historical errors of European socialism to exalt Latin American dictators who should be judged behind the bars of prison for their atrocious acts against their own people.