Change of life: From the courts to tranquility!!!

Retirement is something that makes NBA players think about how to face a new phase they are facing, usually, they are presented with these two options one is to lead a quiet life and the other is living in the limelight as an actor or other similar profession in Hollywood.

many of these great players have opted for this quiet life, living off the profits of their basketball careers, investing, creating companies, and enjoying family life, below I will introduce you to some of the former players who have succeeded in this type of life, in different fields and professions.

Starbucks Manager

Vin baker was part of six great teams among those the Boston Celtics, angel clippers, Houston rockets, etc. Olympic champion with the USA and a fortune of 97 million dollars approximately, but due to his addictions to alcohol he disappeared.

after his frenetic descent and then putting a stop to it, he is now a manager at Starbucks and a minister at his father’s church, in recent years he has returned to basketball by running camp Greylock and is an assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks.


Founder and director of piston group manufacturing company

Vincent “Vinnie” johnson, a 13-season NBA player and key player for the Detroits pistons in 1989 and 1990, officially retired for the 1992 season.

after his retirement, he started his own company in 1995 piston group a manufacturing company that over time has made him a multimillionaire and he now dedicates himself full time to his company.


ESPN analyst

Jason David “jay” Williams former player of the Chicago bulls, new jersey nets, Austin Toros, his basketball career took a downturn after he suffered an accident on his motorcycle in which one of his legs was seriously affected and then a new injury caused him to stay away from the courts.

jay is currently a television analyst for ESPN sports network, founded JW group consulting, is a motivational speaker, is a partner in sports management, and recently released his book entitled: life is not an accident: a memoir of reinvention.


Financial advisor

Antoine Walker one of the NBA’s superstars who was part of the ranks of great teams such as Dallas maverick, Miami heat, Boston celtics, achieving a fortune of approximately 108 million dollars that he squandered in luxuries that made him lose family and friends.

After everything that happened, the ex-player decided to take himself as an example to teach people what they should not do with money, he currently works in a financial services firm in which he and ex-football player Bart Scott give talks in schools, NBA, NFL giving a testimony about their experiences.



Shawn Paul Bradley former NBA player participated in 12 seasons with teams like the Dallas maverick, Philadelphia 76ers, new jersey nets, holds the record of being the third tallest player in the history of the NBA, participated in the movie “space jam”.

In 2000, after announcing his official retirement, Shawn worked as a mentor and coach at the West Ridge Academy, an institution for at-risk youth; in 2010, he was a Republican candidate for the state of Utah.



how to forget in this list the iconic player of the Chicago bulls and also who needs no introduction is Michael Jordan, ranked as one of the best players in history. he began his professional career in the NBA in 1991 until April 2003 where he retires for good, reaping throughout this period many triumphs and championships. in 1997 he made his participation in the movies starring in the blockbuster film space jam.

he is currently the owner of the charlotte hornets team, owner of dealerships, restaurants, sportswear brands, is the image of companies like Gatorade, Hanes and others. he is a born entrepreneur who is in constant growth and development, admired on and off the court for his intelligence.