Do you want to lose weight quickly? Avoid eating these 10 foods

Maybe you’ve been invited to a party, a special event, a business meeting, or maybe you want to go to a pool in the summer. However, you think twice about it because you are overweight and just want to look your best in a short time. That’s when you’ll really lose weight quickly, you want to get an effective method to lose weight in record time.

However, according to experts, one of the biggest problems that people have in losing weight is the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates that, when added to sedentary lifestyles, end up causing weight gain, stretch marks, and those uncomfortable chubbinesses.

Although there are products on the market that can help you lose weight, many times we have a chemical pump for your liver and pancreas with serious sequelae in the metabolism, so the best way to have that ideal body is to improve our diet.

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10. Decreases sugar consumption

According to studies, 70% of the European and American population consumes more than 7 soft drinks a week, which becomes a problem, because in addition to causing health problems such as diabetes is one of the causes of obesity in the world.

Sugar is found in products with large amounts of refined carbohydrates such as cookies, candy, cakes, fruit juices, flavored waters, and so on. So, for example, an average soda drink has between 9 to 10 spoonfuls of sugar which equal 80 calories. Do you know that you have to walk at least 1440 meters to burn that amount of energy? So if you consume large amounts of sugar and don’t burn them, don’t expect to lose weight immediately.


9. Goodbye to processed foods

Although delicious, processed foods are a real threat to our health and body. As the name implies, these foods go through an impressive amount of chemical processes to make them recoverable over long periods of time.

Processed foods don’t really provide many vitamins and minerals, but they do provide impressive amounts of salt and saturated fats that promote obesity and weight gain. So if you want to have balanced health as well as an ideal, athletic and beautiful body, avoid consuming this type of food.


8. Fried and fried foods

Who hasn’t had a delicious roast or grilled chicken? Or delicious fried meat? These types of foods may be irresistible but the truth is if your goal is to lose weight you must keep away from fried foods.

About the fried foods we have to say that during their preparation they go through fearful amounts of refined oils with what is changed in the desperation of saturated fats, carbohydrates and sales, all these components are involved in the extraction of overweight, high triglycerides and liquid retention. So put these foods aside and start replacing them with others that have significant amounts of omega-3s such as salmon or sardines.


7. Don’t look at the Bread

White bread can be harmful to your health. Although delicious, this food is made with flour which has been processed and has large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, and saturated fats. Its consumption could be related to the increase of pathologies such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Independent studies have shown that eating at least two slices and not playing sports makes for an ideal mix for the white sea bread responsible for increasing the number of rolls and chubbinesses in your waistline. The bread also contains large amounts of sugar for its manufacture, in addition to yeast a component that takes time to digest so it could affect the metabolism when it reaches your stomach.

So if you want to keep your figure, say goodbye to eating bread so often and look to replace it with foods full of fiber and whole grains.

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6. Alcohol

It is estimated that on average about 137 liters of alcohol are consumed per person per year worldwide, a rather striking figure. Also, a study of the University of Florida concluded that the consumption of alcohol besides generating pathologies like cirrhosis and increasing the arterial pressure will be directly related to the increase of weight, since each portion of alcohol contains at least 100 to 120 calories.

If you are looking to lose weight and consume significant amounts of alcohol at sea the type of drink you take, you should reconsider because otherwise, you will not be on the right track. In fact, the situation is so complex that to burn off the calories leftover from a beer for example you would have to walk a little over a mile, so imagine the excess calories left in your body from drinking 3 or 4 beers.


5. Zero cow’s milk coffee

You may want to drink coffee at sea as an excellent measure for weight loss since many experts agree that caffeine positively helps increase our body’s metabolism, so we may burn off calories while sitting or resting as well.

The problem appears when we add dairy since the whole beneficial process of caffeine in our metabolism is canceled and slowed down, this is due to milk containing important amounts of animal fats such as trans fats that accumulate as energy and if they are not positively burned they will be converted into fat that will be deposited in your abdomen, legs, chin or arms.

If you’re looking for a latte, look to replace cow’s milk with almond milk.

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4. Salt 

Salt can be beneficial to various processes in our body. The problem really appears when consumed in excess, products such as chips, cracklings, tacos, and fast food can contain large amounts of salt. This could lead to joint inflammations in our bodies as a result of the body retaining fluid to try and counteract the presence of too much salt in the body.

High amounts of salt can become a serious problem for your body’s metabolism, since large amounts of this mineral produce greater resistance to insulin, which leads to the appearance of disorders such as alcoholic fatty liver which becomes a condition that promotes the onset of obesity.

So try to measure the consumption of fried foods or foods rich in sales.

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3. Fruit juice!

You only have to go to the supermarket shelf of refrigerated products to find fruit juices and even if on the label even in appearance they give us the information that they are healthy and wholesome, nothing could be further from the truth.

This type of juice contains large amounts of chemicals that stick to it in order to preserve it over the days. These chemicals can alter basal metabolism and affect organs such as the liver. Another worrying aspect of this type of juice is that it contains alarming amounts of sugar that could be stored as energy and if you have a sedentary life will be converted into body fat.

So if you think these products have vitamins and are beneficial, forget it. Better prepare a natural juice at home and you will see that your body will thank you.

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2. pizza

Pizza has become one of the most consumed fast foods in recent years, besides its delicious taste is a food that can get in minutes and in a world so fast that sometimes there is no time left to cook, is presented as a viable option.

However, when we ask ourselves if it is a nutritious food, the answer could be disconcerting. Pizza is made with white or processed flour which provides a significant amount of carbohydrates without any vitamin content to the body, also contains significant amounts of fat, nitrates, sales that can contribute to weight gain. Perhaps the only point is that the pizza contains some vegetables which when combined with fats and carbohydrates can affect your metabolism more than if you consume alone.


1. Ice cream

Ice cream is without a doubt a true anti-dietetic food, as it contains large amounts of sugar and fat, which makes ice cream a true carbohydrate and saturated fat bomb that increases weight.

The richer an ice cream is, the more sugar and fat it has with what many many calories. So experts recommend consuming alternative products such as ice cream made with low fat and natural sweeteners or low-fat yogurt, but don’t forget to overdo it and that these foods may contain limited amounts of sugar.

We can conclude that losing weight is a titanic task because it is so easy to consume today in foods full of carbohydrates that we could get fat.