Doctors are finally revealing it! These Are The Foods That Will Keep Your Heart Healthy

We live in a world where good eating habits have been lost. This coupled with a lack of physical activity is the perfect precedent for the onset of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders. The consequences of these diseases will not be long in coming and will reduce your life expectancy.

Doctors mention that the exaggerated consumption of trans fats and processed food products are the inherent cause of cardiovascular problems and the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides. The mess with this is that without thinking about it you can suffer heart problems including heart attacks.

Today we will look at the 12 foods you must eat if you want to have a healthy heart.

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1. Orange

This delicious food according to the latest research has been shown to have multiple health benefits. This is due to the great amount of vitamins and minerals it has, it has even been shown that people who regularly consume oranges have a stronger immune system due to the presence of vitamin C.

The secret at a cardiovascular level of the oranges lies in the presence of minerals such as potassium and pectin that together with the fiber, help eliminate sodium from the body which is the one that finally causes the feared high blood pressure. This will allow the heart to work more relaxed and there will be constant reconstruction of cellular that are part of the heart as cardiac scar tissue.

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2. Garlic

Garlic is a condiment that cannot be missing in the kitchen. Just think of the countless recipes we can prepare with it. But beyond a culinary use it has innumerable benefits for the health between the most recognized we found its anti-inflammatory power and like natural antibiotic.

At a cardiac level, the latest research has shown that regular consumption of garlic can help reduce the main lipid that makes up cholesterol and increase triglyceride levels. This finally translates into better circulation, arterial health with which the heart is greatly favored. Garlic also has an important diuretic action.

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3. Chocolate

For many years it was believed that Chocolate increased cholesterol and trans fat levels in the body. However, doctors agree that this is just a myth that has been spreading over the years and would have positive effects on heart health.

A recent article in the prestigious health magazine Heart, mentions that the consumption of at least 100 grams of chocolate a day, would help reduce the levels of fat in the blood, control blood pressure and even help level out the sugar levels in the body. Let’s not forget that these last three conditions are responsible for deteriorating the health of the heart and subtracting up to 20 years of life from those who suffer from it.


4. Sardines

There are two types of fats in general, Saturated fat and unsaturated fat . Being the first ones the most harmful for the body since they are the ones in charge of fomenting problems like obesity, diabetes and serious cardiac problems like pre-infarction and damage in the arteries.

Sardines, being of the fish family, are rich in omega 3, one of the most beneficial natural fats in nature. The consumption of omega 3 can avoid the appearance of heart attacks, since it acts with anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties, helping to relax the heart muscles. The consumption of sardines can help lower triglyceride levels and level off blood pressure.


5. Lentils

This type of food that many people crave offers multiple health benefits. Recent research has shown that regular consumption of lentils can help prevent heart disease, in addition to strengthening the immune system thanks to their high content of folic acid, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

The Spanish society of cardiology, advises to consume a diet full of legumes including lentils since this avoids to reduce in a 14% the probabilities of suffering from ischemic cardiopathy, condition caused mainly by the consumption of trans fats.

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6. Salmon

Salmon is certainly the fish that arouses the most passion among lovers of good food. But beyond that particularity, salmon has multiple health benefits, especially for minerals such as potassium, selenium and vitamin B12.

But perhaps what attracts most attention from nutritionists and health specialists is the high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These have been shown in several clinical trials to contribute to significantly lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Another great benefit is its property to help relax the blood vessels keeping possible heart diseases at bay.


7. Curcuma

Another great condiment is the curcuma used especially in Asian cuisine, it becomes a plant with multiple properties for health. According to the Indian medicine the Curcuma can give solution to but of 60% of the diseases. This statement is not surprising since it is composed of vitamins C, E and K and minerals among which are sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.

 Independent studies, in addition to helping control high blood pressure, obesity, and controlling the levels of saturated fat in the body, have shown that its consumption would help prevent heart enlargement. This disease causes 35% of deaths in people over 60.

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8. Apples

There is nothing more pleasant than eating an apple. Its sweet flavor hides an important amount of vitamins among which we find Vitamin B1,B2,B6 and C. It also contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

At the Cardiovascular level, the most important benefit is the important levels of fiber that each portion contains. Fiber is essentially important to prevent our body from being affected by high blood pressure which will end up preventing heart disease in the future.

9. Avocado

The avocado is a native food of America, especially consumed by the native peoples of this region. Its flavor is quite pleasant, especially in salads and in the popular guacamole.

Avocado is rich in unsaturated fats that are especially beneficial for heart function. It is also rich in antioxidants so the heart tissues are constantly developing avoiding damage and suffering in this important muscle.

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10. Broccoli

Although broccoli is not an appreciated vegetable by many people and children, because of its appearance and taste. is one of the foods with a greater ability to remove bad fat from our body. In that sense, doctors recommend its regular consumption in people with conditions such as fatty liver or high cholesterol levels.

Broccoli also has sulforaphane, a compound involved in preventing muscle and artery inflammation, as well as working to prevent an exaggerated rise in blood sugar levels. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a nice green shake every morning!

11. Chicken

We know that red meat is a major cause of health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks and uric acid-related problems. However, for meat lovers there is another option! It is the chicken because it offers protein and less saturated fat than, for example, a piece of grilled red meat.

Of course, you should not consume in excess, but regular consumption can help heart health. The problem with chicken is that the big food chains fry the green ones. This has led to the widespread belief that chicken is bad for the heart.

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12. Potatoes

Sadly, they associate this tuber with French fries or large food chains such as McDonald’s, since restaurants like these offer this food fried. However, consumed in a boiled form can give great health benefits, especially to the heart.

Potatoes are rich in zinc, fiber, potassium, and vitamins like B6 and C. These types of minerals are important in helping to counteract cholesterol levels and more significantly control the body’s metabolic processes.

13. Barley

Although barley is recommended by many doctors for gastrointestinal problems because of its high fiber content. It becomes a superfood that can help improve the health of people who suffer with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity.

This food is rich in potassium, vitamin B6 and K, plus fiber as mentioned above. The fiber has a fundamental role since it behaves like an agent that helps to metabolize the fats and sugars and increases the sensation of satiety. So if you have heart problems regular consumption will help improve your health and the levels of trans fat and sugar in the blood, let’s not forget that diabetes eventually ends up deteriorating all the organs.


14. Cucumber

Cucumber is that food that is present in all salads, even its moisturizing properties allow it to be used in cosmetology treatments such as masks or beauty products.

But although the main component of this vegetable is water, it also contains fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Important to avoid the appearance of heart attacks and other types of cardiovascular problems.