Doctors Finally Reveal: 7 Remedies to Help Clean Out the Kidneys

Did you know that the kidneys filter our body’s blood 50 times a day?. That is why this organ is considered one of the most important in the body due to the importance of its functions in our organism. Unfortunately many people today suffer from problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure which makes them more prone to serious kidney conditions.

The importance is such that doctors are warning of the considerable increase in cases of kidney damage diseases, which are especially painful and traumatic. Therefore there is nothing better than detoxifying our kidneys and giving them a hand for the masterful work in our body.

Today we will see 8 Remedies that will help your kidney health, Pay attention to number five.

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1. Vegetables

When we were young, our parents or grandparents encouraged us to eat vegetables and mentioned the positive effects they had on our health. Even the famous *Popeye* series taught us how spinach can be healthy if we eat it.

The vast majority of vegetables are green and what scientists have managed to establish in recent years, is that they have incredible properties for health, thanks to the presence of Vitamins C and K important to our body. Vegetables are also rich in fiber and folic acid, so eating them regularly will help avoid kidney stress and improve the work of the kidneys.


2. Cranberry juice

Cranberry is commonly used to treat conditions caused by urinary tract infections, thanks to its concentration of vitamins such as C. However, beyond that, did you know that it is substantially beneficial to the health of your kidneys?

One of the most common problems is the appearance of kidney stones, which are caused by oxalate and uric acid. Experts have been able to demonstrate that consuming cranberry juice naturally without additives could help eliminate these substances and help you get rid of those little balls in your kidneys.


3. Turmeric

Besides being used as an exquisite condiment, turmeric is also recommended for therapeutic use against many diseases and conditions. One of the most recognized properties of the curcuma is its anti-inflammatory properties since in many occasions the inflammations in our body can end up affecting the liver.

Also, an important benefit of curcuma on the kidneys has to do with the protection that it offers to attacks of free radicals, that in many occasions deteriorate metabolic processes at cellular level in the kidneys product of detention of oxygen in that so important organ.

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4. Apple

Every day we hear recommendations about apple consumption and how effective it can be for many diseases mainly to reduce the presence of cholesterol in the blood.

But beyond that, one of the great benefits of the apple is that it is rich in fiber, allowing the body to achieve a more significant absorption of toxins. This is why eating an apple will help your kidney absorb toxins more easily without overtaxing its functions.

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5. Garlic

Many times we do not have the best eating habits and a highly sedentary life for this reason our body becomes acidic, which leads to a greater number of toxins and our kidneys must make an even greater effort.

The National Polytechnic Institute of the Dominican Republic in a recent study was able to prove that one of the most representative compounds of garlic called allicin, would have therapeutic properties in preventing chronic degeneration of the kidneys and thus the malfunctioning of important kidney cells such as nephrons. So doctors recommend adding garlic to your diet to take care of your kidneys.


6. Olive Oil

One of the problems of today’s society is bad eating habits rich in flour and saturated fats. The latter represent risk factors for generating cardiovascular problems, hypertension, high cholesterol or triglycerides that can affect your health.

The good news with olive oil is that it is rich in unsaturated fats important for the good health of our body, helping to reduce fat levels in the body and therefore avoiding internal inflammation that significantly affects the capacity of the kidneys over time.

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7. Lemon juice

One of the great benefits of water with lemon is its ability to alkalize our body, thanks to the high concentrations of vitamin C. Another great benefit of lemon juice is related to the improvement of stomach problems such as esophagogastric reflux or gastritis.

But without a doubt one of the most important benefits of the lemon on the kidneys is that thanks to its high content of Citric Acid it is able to avoid the formation of citrates in the urine which reduces the presence of kidney stones.

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Good health of our kidneys is significantly important, as it prevents the onset of chronic kidney disease which can be fatal. Today we also have bad eating habits that can end up ruining the health of our kidneys that can filter the blood up to 50 times.

However, having a good diet low in carbohydrates, sodium and sugars accompanied by the intake of vegetables, and fruits such as apple and lemon we can replace the damage caused in our kidneys and avoid the emergence of disorders such as kidney stones.