Harsh words from Lionel Messi about the defamation of Barcelona FC.

In the last few days, the news was made public that the directors of Barcelona FC, are hiring social media companies to discredit members of the staff.

Barcelona one of the most important teams in the world.

The legendary Spanish football team is once again on everyone’s lips, but this time not because of its great footballing exploits. But because of a new scandal that is shaking up the entire executive board of the team.
This week the sports radio program ‘Què t’hi jugues’; made public a report that details how some managers of the Barcelona football club, had hired a social media company called l3 ventures to defame in social networks the players of the staff and other related that did not agree with the administration that had been occurring.
According to written sports media, this type of manipulation of the public image of the players was intended to protect Josep Maria Bartomeu, creating a persuasion that will prevent damage to his image and public details of his administration within the club.

In addition to Xavi Hernandez or Pep Guardiola, Gerard Pique, the football star Leonel Messi was one of the most affected by this dirty strategy of damaging his public image in networks, it was so much the level of attack suffered by the Argentine that even his wife Antonella Roccuzzo was the target of slander as many news items aimed at damaging his image.

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In a recent interview given by Messi to the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, he referred to this embarrassing fact.

Messi’s statements
When the journalist asked him about this particular fact. Leo in his first answer wanted to get away from that uncomfortable subject and just said that the players had been given the same explanations as the media:
“I was a little surprised by the truth because I wasn’t here and I was just traveling. When I arrived I found out a little bit about everything. The president told us the same thing that he made public, the same thing that he said at the press conference. Which was the situation, what had happened and I can’t say much more. The same thing that they know everything he said, he told the captains in private”.

The communicator continued to insist and asked the football star if the team had been convinced by Bartomeu‘s answer about what had happened and with a little suspicion he answered feeling very strange about everything that had happened:

“The truth is I find it strange that such a thing should happen. But they also said that there would be evidence. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s true or not. We can’t say much, but we can wait to see what happens with all this. I really thought it was a strange subject.

Jaume Roures

The scandal not only reached players of the staff, but also club members such as Jaume Roures, who according to the report was one of the most digitally attacked people. This Tuesday, the Spanish businessman made a statement on the fact:

“As a Barça partner, I’m a little embarrassed that the Barça board is capable of doing these things. I thought we were leaving this to the sewers, not that a club like Barça would spend members’ money on dirtying people near or far.

And about the scandal of the false accounts mentioned in the report he added.

“Now I know positively that they’re behind the accounts because I’ve seen the report”

Finally, Roures said he would take criminal action against this, as it is unusual for him that almost 1 million euros are spent in this way.

 The scandal does not come at the best time for Barcelona who has not had a good season, who had the dismissal of Valverde as technical director of the team and now faces a battle with Real Madrid for the leadership of the Spanish league.