How to get positive results when training?

Today, fitness activities such as running have become fashionable, but many people forget the importance of valuable aspects that include the ability to choose good shoes for physical activity.

Physical activity is a very important factor to have viable health, but there are a series of important advices that must be taken into account when making a healthy physical exercise and according to the recommendations of the specialists, aspects like several the intensity, but and time are important in our routines fitness.

Therefore, before doing any physical exercise, it is important that you read and put into practice these recommendations:

Hydration is one of the most important aspects to obtain positive results.

Perform good hydration:
Many people believe that only by maintaining a good diet will they achieve health benefits, but this reality is only complemented by having good hydration.
But it is not only about properly moisturizing yourself while or after physical exercise, where we lose calories through the sweating that our body does.
Hydration is important to do it day by day, that’s why the WHO is one of its publications recommends consuming between 6 and 7 glasses of water a day to keep the necessary nutrients for health, improving the functioning of valuable organs such as liver or kidneys. Likewise, good hydration can help hydrate our joints.

Pre-warming up:

According to health experts it is advisable to do a previous exercise of 5 to 10 minutes, in order to increase blood flow and decrease muscle stiffness.

 Unfortunately many people do not do this warm-up exercise which will eventually lead to cardiovascular problems and could put the health of the heart itself at risk. It is even recommended that people who have high blood pressure should first start cardio exercises for several weeks when doing physical activity such as weight lifting to strengthen the heart and get used to this type of physical activity.

The importance of consistency:

Mostly it is one of the reasons why many people do not see the desired results, is that they start their training routines with a lot of passion and empowerment to achieve their physical goals as well as an improvement in health conditions, but after a while, many give up because of laziness, others because activities like work does not give them a space to train.

That is why it is important before starting any physical training activity to have a positive attitude and persistence will power, because according to independent studies when we perform an activity then this becomes a habit, so that at first it will seem difficult but then it will be a habit more and very healthy.

Talk to a specialist:

Before starting any routine physical activity, you should consult a doctor or physical health professional so that they can give you a series of recommendations, so that little by little you can start your routine and see the results.

It is also important that any symptoms of discomfort you have during your workout are brought to the attention of a doctor so that he or she can check for any possible conditions you may have.

Use the right equipment:

The importance of using the right sports equipment for your fitness routine is vital, as it will help make your workouts more enjoyable and help you achieve your goals.

So you should wear the right shoes, as well as the right clothes which should be light and comfortable.

 On this aspect it is important to know differences on the type of shoes to be used, because it is not the same to use one shoe for running than another for lifting weights and strength.

That is why companies that manufacture shoes for athletes, such as the world-famous Reebok, have decided to launch a model called HIIT TR, which fulfills the objective of orthopedic handling of diverse movements as well as dynamic movements during exercise.

The company comments on its website the shoes that were released to the public, after more than a year and a half of research on how to improve the multidirectional movement on different surfaces and how these could protect the spine of whoever wears them and thus give the greatest amount of protection to the athlete.

Some of the features of this shoe are:

  • It allows better handling of those dynamic and diverse movements that occur during the exercise.
  •  It has two high-performance rubber outsoles, with a lightweight pivot design to allow greater control of lateral movement while performing physical activities.
  • If you’re a high-performance exerciser, this shoe is for you, because it has class 2AA foam cushioning, which thanks to its materials provide a much more comfortable training experience.
  •  With the addition of a mixed grip pattern, this innovative design is intended to generate much better rear-wheel drive when doing some demanding routine activity.
  •  The shoes have been on sale for several weeks now and have an estimated retail cost of between 50 and 65 US dollars.