How to make a homemade hand sanitizer that really protects?

In a recent report by the WHO (World Health Organization), 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by previous manual contact with a compromised surface.

We are currently   exposed to the discomfort caused by various ailments. Therefore, it is advisable to protect our hands, since we have contact with thousands of people every day and we also touch many surfaces that may not be clean or sterile.

Therefore, doctors and health experts reiterate the importance of good hand washing, since this measure manages to reduce the chain of infection caused by poorly cleaned surfaces.

But in such a fast-paced world where we have little time to go to the bathroom and take a good hand bath with soap and water, we must resort to a good hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, with the epidemiological crisis that the world is going through, this product has been quickly exhausted.

There are thousands of Internet gurus who are teaching how to make this essential product for personal health, but they forget to give some additional tips for its preparation so that many people not can  affecting their health. But do you want to learn how to make a 99% effective home disinfectant?

Continue Reading for know  how to do it with 3 simple ingredients.

Ingredients to be used

You may have seen people on social networks and e-commerce platforms offering hand sanitizer at fortune prices. However, making homemade hand sanitizer is easier than you think and you only need the following 3 ingredients:

Isopropyl (97% alcohol by volume or more) : This compound is so effective that it manages to disinfect up to 99% of surfaces in our house, study work.

Aloe vera gel : This compound will help reduce the effects of isopropyl on the skin, as many people may be allergic to the chemical.

Essential oil : you can use tea tree oils or lavender oils, you can even mix it with lemon juice for a more refreshing effect.

The key to a successful blend is to find the balance between alcohol and aloe vera gel; as this will ensure effectiveness by generating a feeling of freshness and protection in your hands. Therefore, the recommended alcohol to gel ratio should be 2:1, i.e. for 2 portions of alcohol added to the mixture, one portion of gel should be added. This guarantees an effectiveness of more than 80% of disinfection.

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Amount of ingredients to be used

To start with the preparation of the homemade mixture, you should pay special attention to the amount of ingredients you need:

  • 3/4 cup isopropyl or 96% pure alcohol.
  • 1/4 cup aloe vera gel.
  • 10 drops of essential oil, remember that if you do not have essential oil on hand, you can squeeze 6 lemons and use the juice obtained for the mixture.

Important: Remember to keep in mind that the place where you will carry out the preparation must be properly ventilated and clean, trying to use protection such as gloves.

Preparation instructions
  • In a glass container, preferably pour the ingredients in the proportions mentioned above.
  • Mix the ingredients with a metal spoon, then with a whisk beat the mixture until it becomes a gel. If you don’t have a whisk handy, you can mix the ingredients for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Finally, pour the mixture into a glass bottle to start using it

Ready!!! You got your homemade disinfectant done.

If you want to know a simple trick to get the most out of it, keep reading.

Tricks to make my disinfectant work?

There is no point in making the recipe if the correct hygiene measures are not taken during its preparation. That’s why we offer you these basic tips before preparing the homemade disinfectant.

The first thing you should do is wash your hands well with ordinary soap and plenty of water; you should also wash the mixer and the spoon you are going to use for the preparation beforehand. Another important advice is that for the preparation as much as possible use a mask to avoid that they can fall on the saliva or goth preparation to sneeze, etc.

Some of the benefits of making your own home disinfectant are

  • You can have the product the same day : it is practically difficult to find this product in a pharmacy, so by making this preparation at home you can get it immediately.

  • You save money : as we mentioned at the beginning, the shortage of the product has generated that many people sell this product up to 4 times its original price.
  • Avoid buying products that have chemicals that affect your health.


¿What kind of surfaces does this household disinfectant fight?

It is no secret that we are exposed to millions of health risks every day. We can often find them on things we use every day, like our cell phones, our clothes, or the surfaces in our work environments.
The problem is that many of the products that promise to disinfect surfaces do not do so properly

There are bugs that can resist the disinfectant action of the most effective products on the market, due to their resistance to compounds such as alcohol.

Therefore, it is important that you wash your hands, if you do not have soap and water on hand, the disinfectant will protect you for a period of 10 to 15 minutes.

To Consider

It is in the hot season that we are most exposed to biohazards, so it is important to protect our health. . The method we have taught to make an effective home disinfectant will be important to protect your family and friends. And don’t worry that this homemade blend has the same disinfecting power as similar ones offered in large chain drug stores and supermarkets at crazy prices.

Remember that if you travel by public transportation, it is the perfect place for exposing contaminated surfaces that can end up affecting your physical well-being. In public places it is easy to come into contact with railings, glass and buttons that are sources of infection, so when you go out don’t forget to take your disinfectant.

Also, when you have contact with money, remember to use the gel because money has a very important circulation that can expose you to the risk of contamination by microorganisms that can affect your health.