If you eat these 10 foods put attention, because they are highly carcinogenic

We live in a highly technological globalized and intercommunicated world that just with a click, we will get a super burger in a matter of minutes at our doorstep. So over the years healthy habits have been deteriorating notoriously as a result, today many people consume throughout the day foods that contain high levels of chemicals, synthetic products that could alter the functioning of our organs causing diseases as serious as cancer.

For this reason many doctors insist on healthy living habits, consuming natural products such as fruits and vegetables, moving as far as possible away from the excessive consumption of junk food and processed foods.

We consulted with nutritionists and medical experts about which foods could be highly carcinogenic.

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10. Soft drinks

You may not know it,  but 70% of the content of a soda can is Sugar which becomes the ideal element for many cells in the body to start to malfunction generating   tumors and other serious conditions such as diabetes.

Even the excessive consumption of soda can ruin your kidneys, because the excess sugar ends up destroying a lot of tissue where we usually find the nephrons which are the natural purifiers we find in the kidney. Experts say that the caramel coloring added to soft drinks to give them their unique flavor and color is made from highly acidic chemicals, that can cause damage at the cellular level, deteriorating your health and your organs.  Therefore, the recommendation is that you try to replace these types of drinks with water or consume orange, lemon or fruit juices such as watermelon.


9. Red grilled meat

Who hasn’t enjoyed a nice steak or a good barbecue on Sundays? Although red meat is one of the most traditional foods in many people’s diets, consumption of this type of food could increase the chances of suffering from colon, colorectal and prostate cancer, scientists warn.

The problem, according to a study by British scientists, lies in the preparation of this type of food. Among other things, several compounds are used as preservatives, seasonings and other chemical additives that could combine with the high temperatures of the roast and create toxins that could lead to permanent damage to cells; So it can cause diseases such as cancer.

You can look for other options such as consuming steamed meats or look for alternatives such as white meats that are also rich in protein.

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8. Microwave popcorn

There’s nothing like a good plate of popcorn. However, in the market we find many presentations of popcorn with flavors and other components such as diacetyl, that is used especially to give that butter flavor that makes our taste buds crazy.

The problem with this type of flavoring is that when exposed to high temperatures, it can release toxins that end up being carcinogenic and can alter the functioning of organs such as the liver, pancreas and colon. Therefore, the recommendation of many doctors is to avoid exposing this type of popcorn in the microwave, because  it could alter many of its nutritional characteristics and increase the risk of cancer when exposed to high temperatures.

What you can do is buy natural popcorn and prepare it yourself at home in the traditional way, so that in addition to a rich flavor you will be protecting your health.

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7. Canned food

If there’s one thing we find everywhere when we go to the market, it’s canned food. We can find foods like sausages, corn, chickpeas, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc.

Preservatives used to prevent the oxidation of these foods and with them the appearance of bacteria and fungi can be highly carcinogenic, because  they contain several compounds that could encourage chemical reactions that produce components such as benzene which is a highly cancerous substance.   Therefore the recommendation is to avoid eating fresh food in the store, without the need to consume canned food, which besides being dangerous to your health have lost all their nutritional properties.


6. Artificial sweeteners

Many people today are fond of this type of sweetener for their drinks, mainly because it is believed that it can be beneficial to health since it supposedly does not contain dangerous chemicals.

The problem with this type of product is that it can cause long-term cell damage in organs such as the liver, colon and stomach. Because these types of artificial sweeteners contain chemicals that may be difficult for the body to direct and may generate toxins that are dangerous to your health.  The recommendation is to stop consuming this type of artificial components and replace them with natural sweeteners such as honey and stevia.


5. Refined wheat flour

We cannot hide how delicious some of the delicacies made with refined wheat flour are, however the bad news is that this type of flour has gone through a series of chemical processes to obtain it and in that process many of the vitamins like A and C, as well as minerals like zinc are lost, so we are consuming only one food without any protein benefit.

The problem with the consumption of this type of flour is that it contains large amounts of bleaching agents obtained from chlorinated compounds that according to recent research can cause diseases such as diabetes, loss of kidney capacity and cancer.  Therefore, the recommendation is to consume flours that are natural without being subjected to chemical processes.

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4. Traditional vegetables

Although vegetables and fruits provide great benefits to our health since they are rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins such as A, B, and K, in addition to minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, etc. many times they have lost these properties completely due to exposure to pesticides, chemicals and other types of poisons that are applied to them to prevent pests from damaging crops.

The problem with these types of chemicals is that they are highly toxic, because they contain products that can be highly carcinogenic as inert ingredients that can alter cellular DNA. Therefore the recommendation is to try to consume food from natural farms or that you can verify that they have not been subjected to this type of pesticide.

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3. Processed Meat

Who hasn’t eaten a piece of grilled sausage? Or grilled sausage with a delicious soda? But beyond being a nutritious food it is a harmful bomb for your body, since processed meats as its name says go through a series of chemical transformations to make it edible and during that process it is exposed to highly harmful chemicals such as nitrite and nitrate.

In addition, this type of food is a salt cellar, which can be harmful to the health of your kidneys and can lead to the appearance of diseases such as high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. In view of this, the recommendation is to increase the intake of organic meat and avoid the consumption of sausages and the different types of processed meat that we find in the market.

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2. The Crisps

It’s already one of the most accessible groceries we find anywhere. The problem with this delicious food is that it is full of saturated fats capable of creating diseases such as high triglycerides or increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

But in addition to being highly detrimental to our circulatory system because of the amount of fat it contains, French fries contain artificial additives that give them that characteristic taste of chicken, meat, vegetables and others that can cause cancer. Even independent studies have shown the relationship between excessive consumption of this product with damage to the intestinal mucosa and the stomach walls.


1. Trans fats

If there’s one thing you should stop consuming immediately, it’s definitely trans fats. This type of food is one of the main causes of death in the world that combined with bad habits of life such as sedentarism can have serious consequences for your health.

Obtaining trans fats is a fairly toxic process from any point of view since it involves transforming liquid fats into solid fats, through a process called hydrogenation this process increases the life of several foods with which the consumption of this type of fat can trigger serious problems such as cancer.

the recommendation is to avoid any type of trans fat and replace it with unsaturated fats such as omega 3.