Keep mosquitoes away with these 10 plants

We all agree that there can be no more annoying noise than that of mosquitoes . Imagine sleeping peacefully in your bed when suddenly you hear that uncomfortable buzzing sound in your ear. However, beyond all this, what really worries us is that we have been bitten by one of these little bugs. We all know that mosquitoe bites can cause hives and even rashes, which in many cases result in a lot of itching. What worries many people is that they are    often allergic to mosquito bites and could have skin reactions that require medical attention; at other times mosquitoes can be powerful transmitters of diseases that can range from a simple fever to much more serious ailments.

When we talk about keeping mosquitoes away, the first idea we have in mind is to buy everything from repellents to expensive devices, which promise to let us have peaceful nights of sleep by keeping these little animals away. But what many people forget about these types of products is that they contain highly toxic chemicals, which if inhaled by a person could end up tragically or at best hospitalized for several days, without solving the problem thoroughly, since these chemicals work momentarily without long-term effectiveness.

Therefore the best recommendation is to take a look at the different solutions that nature offers us with multiple plants that definitely keep those uncomfortable bugs away.

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1 Lavender

It is an ancient plant that has been used by many cultures for centuries. In addition to its pleasant smell, this purple plant has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is frequently used in infusions Ranging from its essence helps to relieve the annoying respiratory symptoms caused by    the flu or the common cold. Lavender oil is also frequently used in cosmetology as it has rejuvenating and skin care properties, which is why it is often recommended by personal care experts.

Among the main components of lavender we find geraniol which is a type of terpenic alcohol which is responsible for its characteristic smell, to which mosquitoes are susceptible so the fragrance of lavender is 100% effective in keeping your spaces free of mosquitoes.


2 Lemongrass

The original name of this plant is Cymbopogon citratus and it is usually recognized in different parts of the world as: Toronjil , lemon grass, lemon tea, etc. Lemongrass also has quite powerful therapeutic characteristics due to the fact that it contains nutrients and vitamins among which are vitamin A,C, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

However, when it comes to repelling mosquitoes or waders this plant becomes an excellent ally, because it has an acidic fragrance due to the concentration of vitamin C and components such as Geraniol which is a powerful natural repellent against waders and flies. So leaving a few twigs of lemongrass in your room or living room and not hear uncomfortable buzzing of mosquitoes.

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3 Basil

When we want to give a little taste to our dishes containing chicken or certain types of sauce, basil becomes an essential condiment, although of course at many other times its culinary misuse can end up giving a nasty taste to the dishes. Basil also contains many interesting components such as vitamin K, A, C and B9, important for the immune system and skin care.

What calls the attention of the basil is its particular fragrance that is a product of organic components such as tarragon, which allows among other things to give it its characteristic smell which is not supported by mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies and other types of bugs. So what you should do is leave only a few twigs planted in a small pot in your room or living room and the mosquitoes will leave as if by magic.

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4. Mint

When it comes to giving yourself a good taste in the kitchen, mint becomes an important plant in our dishes thanks to its ability to give flavour and neutralise some of the components of the food thanks to the natural ingredients it contains. But we must also admit that its smell is one of the most pleasant fragrances emitted by many plants.

That is why mint is detested by mosquitoes because its high concentration of acids such as acetic and benzoic work properly to keep mosquitoes away in seconds.


5. Catnip

In ancient times the ancient Romans used this plant as an analgesic and in different types of ointments for different muscular ailments. Because it contains natural anti-inflammatory components. Today it is a plant that is used in infusions to improve digestive problems, as well as being used by many people for their cats, hence its characteristic name as this plant attracts cats in a curious way due to its citric smell.

Recent research has shown that the secret to the attraction of cats to this plant is nepetalactone, an organic substance that is also present in the urine of these animals, in the same research it was concluded that this organic substance is capable of repelling mosquitoes or insects. So if you are looking for a natural solution to the problem of mosquitoes, Catnip is a very affordable option, plus you will have your cat happy.

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6. Marigold

The Marigold is a plant that we can find in the gardens of our house or nearby, as it tends to reproduce easily in arid terrain with little humidity. It is a plant with an important variety of therapeutic uses due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties because it has components such as menthone, carvone, caryophyllene compounds with high oxidative power and give it the characteristic smell of calendula.

It is precisely compounds such as Mentona that provide strong odors to which mosquitoes react by moving away, so if you have mosquitoe problems, boil water with a little marigold and pass that steam through your room and you will see how the mosquitoes are driven away in a second.

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7. Garlic

As well as garlic are frequently used in cooking as it tends to give important flavor to certain foods especially those containing red meat or white meat such as chicken, all because it has components such as allicin, chlorogenic acid, phytic acid and routine that give it its characteristic smell and taste.

As for the smell, we agree that it is quite uncomfortable when smelling it, as it is the same for mosquitoes, since one of the main components, as is allicin, is a natural repellent for mosquitoes. So more than having it as a condiment for your meals, garlic can help you get rid of the mosquitoes that don’t let you sleep at night.


8. Rosemary

Rosemary has begun to be used in homes more frequently in recent years, since in addition to being an excellent condiment for some foods, it has a fairly pleasant fragrance that allows you to aromatize your living room, bedroom and other spaces in your home.

This same fragrance that is pleasant for us is despised by mosquitoes, as it contains a high concentration of limonene, a natural substance that gives rosemary its characteristic smell and is an excellent natural repellent.

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9. Eucalyptus

It’s one of the most popular plants today. As a result of its extensive analgesic, anti-inflammatory and can help respiratory problems caused by common flu, as well as improvement of diseases such as bronchitis or asthma.

Eucalyptus contains some volatile oils, tannins, aldehydes and various types of resin that give it its characteristic smell, which is repelled by many flies and mosquitoes. So if you have problems with these little bugs, put some dry branches of eucalyptus in a metal container, burn the leaves and let the smoke spread throughout the space and you will see that in a matter of minutes there will be more mosquitoes.

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10. Geranium

You may have heard little about this plant, however it is widely used for healing processes related to scarring, hemorrhoids and so on. It is also used to treat muscle problems and injuries at the dermal level.

But beyond that geranium contains natural compounds like quercetin which is a powerful natural repellent. So next time you go to the market don’t forget to ask about this plant and have it in your fridge.