Know 5 reasons why you should eat cucumber daily

Cucumber has countless benefits!

Cucumber is one of the vegetables that we know best and we all have it in our refrigerators, because in addition to accompanying a good meal it can help our health. According to independent research, regular consumption of this product could, among other things, help reduce the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s in the future and develop gastrointestinal diseases such as the well-known irritable colon.

But in addition to that, in the cosmetology industry this fruit is used for hair treatments since cucumber is composed mainly of Vitamin B, Magnesium, Iron, phosphorus and zinc, nutrients important for cell renewal.

Today we’ll look at 5 Health Benefits you’ll get from eating cucumber regularly that you didn’t know…

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1. Hydration

One of the advice we hear the most from medical experts is hydration, which is very important for our health. A correctly hydrated body will have the capacity to eliminate toxins and will obtain more successfully the metabolic processes that the body requires.

If you think that drinking cups of water is not your thing you could try to consume cucumber as it is a significant source of water, it is estimated that more than 90% of cucumber is composed of water. So remember to eat it in salads and besides tasting this rich vegetable you will be able to keep your body hydrated.

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2 Bowel Movements

It is estimated that about 20% of the world’s population suffers from intestinal problems such as the well-known irritable bowel syndrome. This is a condition characterized by constipation and poor bowel movements that end up affecting the walls of the intestinal tract, causing abdominal distension.

One of the possible causes of an irritable colon in addition to poor physical exercise has to do with poor eating habits filled with carbohydrates and poor hydration. That is why experts recommend regular cucumber consumption to help alleviate the symptoms of this condition.


3. Aperitif

One of the reasons why many people suffer from obesity today is precisely bad eating habits. We live in a society that wants everything done quickly and for many people preparing a healthy meal is not important but a bad diet full of foods like hamburgers, fries and so on can be harmful causing heart problems over time.

However there is good news, you can replace that food full of carbohydrates like hamburger and chocolate with a cucumber salad since this food in addition to providing water to your body will help detoxify it slowly.

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4. Fresh Breath

One of the causes of bad breath is related to the appearance of bacteria in our mouth that promotes the bad mouth odor we experience. However, experts say that stomach problems such as gastritis or other digestive conditions may be the culprit in why we tend to have bad breath.

Cucumber is a food that can help treat everything from those bacteria in our mouths to help improve problems like gastritis because it contains vitamins like Vitamin A and C important for strengthening the immune system and red blood.

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5. Shiny Skin

Our skin is the largest organ that our body has and one that is most exposed to contaminating particles that deteriorate the cells preventing their regeneration.

Cucumber is excellent for treating problems related to our skin because it contains potassium and magnesium, which are important nutrients for cell regeneration and metabolic processes in our body.  So don’t forget to drink a lemon and cucumber shake 3 times a week and your body will surely thank you.