Novak Djokovic’s videotaped gesture that went viral.

The Serbian tennis player who currently holds the title of world number one, and who days ago won the Australian Open.Was captured on video playing with some children in one of the streets in his home country, a fact that moved many. The video is already viral.

Novak Djokovic at 32 is at the top of his sports career.

On February 2, Novak Djokovic beat Dominic Thiem in the Australian Open which led him to win his eighth title in the competition and win the title as the world number one over Roger Federer.

After this feat that has led him to win more than 20 Gram Slam tournaments and an estimated fortune of $150 million, the Serbian returned to his hometown, Belgrade.

The professional tennis player despite his fame and prestige has shown great humility and serenity being this fact that allowed him to share a tennis match in the streets of Belgrade with a group of children.

The video was recorded by a twitter user who was filming the particular scene from a building. The video has been quickly replicated.

Many fans of the tennis player left their appreciation for such a particular gesture.

[youtube id=”p_2KqpLq-K4&” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]

In his last press conference, the tennis player said: “ I am optimistic, motivated and inspired for the sporting challenges that lie ahead for 2020, particularly in preparation for the Olympic Games to be held in Japan this year”.
Remember that in the 2008 Olympic Games the tennis player won the bronze medal and when asked about the challenges of this Olympic competition he said:
“maybe it’s time for one more medal. I will prepare myself as best I can to be successful”.

He also said he is ready to participate in doubles and singles in the Dubai tournament to be held from February 15 to 29. Wich will feature players such as Germany’s Philipp Kohlschreiber.
According to Novak, each competition brings new challenges and each game starts from scratch. The strategies and dynamics are very rotating, so he said that the best way to prepare for this is a strong psychological and emotional disposition, that he has focused on to overcome the bad times that may arise.

Yesterday Djokovic surprised with a video uploaded to his social networks showing his extensive training regime in low-temperature waters, a training system that was inspired by his admiration for Wim Hof (a specialist in withstanding low temperatures).
According to the Serbian this method of being in low-temperature conditions has served him to develop a training system in which he develops optimal conditions for the regeneration of tissues in addition it allows an easy and fast recovery to the wear and tear that takes big competitions like the Australian Open.