Photos of Kobe Bryant’s body are leaking; The photos were taken minutes after his accident.

A new scandal is shaking the world of sports, after the first photos taken after the accident were leaked by police officers who arrived at the scene.
In the images you can see the bodies of the famous basketball player and the bodies of 6 other occupants of the aircraft who died at the scene.

It’s been more than a month since the sports world was shocked by the sad news of the death of one of the NBA’s greatest exponents. After suffering a painful air accident where he was traveling with his daughter Gianna who unfortunately also perished there.

The motives that led to such an unfortunate tragedy are being investigated by several agencies such as the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board; However, a few days ago, photos taken minutes after the accident were leaked, showing the bodies of the victims lying at the scene.

Kobe Bryant died with his daughter Gianna.

The scandal has involved the U.S. police, especially officers from the Sheriff’s office who had shown the photos to a group of people in a California bar, which had been made public within hours.

According to witnesses, one of the officers who was sitting in a bar wanted to impress a girl he was having drinks with by showing her the multimedia content he had stored on his phone.

The images would allegedly show the bodies of several of those who died in the accident.

Investigations into the incident fall to the county sheriff’s office because after the leaks became known, law enforcement authorities would have ordered the officers to permanently delete the photos from their cell phones in order to avoid problems.
This fact would make it impossible to move forward with the investigation, which is why sources quoted by the journal post say that in the coming days an arrest warrant would be issued against the officers who made the photos public, Because that actions would delay the investigation by divulging sensitive material.
Meanwhile, Brian Williams, an executive in charge of the commission investigating the accident, will question the officers and verify their version of the facts.

In a statement to the local press, the Sheriff’s office of the county of Calabasas, California; where the accident occurred said they were very “very disturbed” by the actions of their subordinates and the release of the photographs promising a very rigorous investigation.
It was also learned that the photos were taken minutes after the accident also circulated hours after the event among members of the fire department. so it remains to be determined by the authorities who were responsible for taking the photos and what consequences the viralization of the images has had.