Resident reveals previously unknown details of the night Rene composed the song.

 The song released a few days ago by the Puerto Rican singer who is already a world trend reveals several unknown fears about the  singer resident.

The singer who was launched to musical stardom in 2005 with the world-famous Atrévete, Too that who has starred in several scandals especially with his political stance and opinion on some of the most recent problems affecting some of the countries of Latin America.

Residente has released his latest song in which he details various aspects of his love life, his family, friends and reveals some of the fears that plague him, the composition has over 40 million views on youtube.

In recent years Resident has been a fairly controversial figure.

Many were unaware that the lyrics were actually describing important aspects of the singer’s life, if not until the Puerto Rican-born artist himself detailed the fact on his twitter account.

In one of his last musical publications, the singer expressed many of the problems of the Latin American people, which caused him to be received and followed by his musical work.                                   

Now with the song *René* that lasts about 7 minutes, he performs a small autobiography of his life and according to what he confessed to a Mexican media, that the song was composed after being on tour in Mexico and feeling an emotional low, which led him to be able to express what he relates in the successful musical.

In his twitter account, the singer also published that during that presentation in Mexico and before going on stage he felt a momentary existential crisis where: Not knowing who he really was and not wanting to be where he was at that moment, in moments when he suffered a real paralysis.

Una noche me sentía muy mal, estaba en Mexico, el estadio esperándome, y yo no quería salir del hotel. Llamé a mami porque quería tirarme del balcón y no sabía porqué. Esa noche llegaba un amigo y se quedó conmigo. Al otro día comencé a escribir este tema.— Residente (@Residente) February 27, 2020

Resident also confessed that he has always been a strong person of character but that night he felt an emotional weakness that marked him in a way that he did not expect.

He also referred to those who insinuate to him that he was so drugged up that night that what he experienced was a strong hallucination, and he referred to his critics as ignorant and said he felt sorry for them.

[youtube id=”O4f58BU_Hbs” width=”720″ height=”420″ position=”left”]

For many specialists in the music industry. The melody recently released by the Puerto Rican singer will be one of the musical hits of 2020; because more than being a viral theme, it brings the artist closer to his fans and followers, it shows him as a human being like anyone else, with dreams, fears, problems and predict that it will be a wonderful year for the singer because it is a song that describes in essence who he is, where he comes from and how he feels.

The worldwide viralization of the urban composer’s song is such that he has received great support among colleagues of the genre from the island and they highlight his work as a resident, they also praise the very human form that the song presents that undoubtedly manages to impact those who see the video of the popular melody.

Some of the first Puerto Rican artists to show their support for Rene Perez as a resident were Bad Bunny, Tito el Bambino, and Karla Monroig.

 since I was a kid I wanted to be a baseball player, I didn’t get, So I learned how to hit hits over a track. begins the singer, who goes on to say that stress has made him sick for 10 years, which is why he can’t sleep anymore

In another part of his composition he comments: “Although in the street they recognize me, even my friends don’t know me anymore” and he says he feels sad because of this feeling that he manages to fight back  laughing.

In a separate article Rene strongly criticizes the music industry and adds: “The concert is full but I am empty,

Everything in the music industry is a lie.”

Finally in his last song he describes: “there is almost no one left here, sometimes i dont want to be here anymore i feel alone here.

 In view of the shocking lyrics of his composition several of his fans in social networks have shown their concern, in what they call a serious crisis of depression that the artist has but the same Rene responded about this in his twitter account where he says: “I am telling all this that I wrote in a rather complicated moment for me and I decided to fill it with family pictures and things that I had in my memory and that remind me of my childhood”.