Salma Hayek’s curious response to the reproach she got from using Botox.

The renowned 53-year-old actress who starred in films such as Wild West denied ever having had surgery.

Despite being over 50 years old. The Mexican woman looks with enviable skin and beauty, on many occasions she has been emphatic that she has never gone to any surgical procedure to improve the beauty of any part of her body.
However, last Tuesday the actress published a photo without a drop of makeup in which she looks slim and confident of the naturalness of her great physical attraction.
The post on Instagram received hundreds of positive comments congratulating her for the natural appearance of her skin, however, one of her fans reproached her for using botox, to which the actress responded without hesitation.

Hayek’s follower wrote the following on his personal Instagram account: “Too much botox. You don’t need it, Salma! ”
To which the actress responded without hesitation and sarcastically: “I don’t have Botox, but thanks for the advice because I was thinking that maybe it’s time”.

After the awkward moment the supportive comments were not long in coming, so much so that he could not answer them all.
Some of the thousands of comments of support that the Mexican actress received carried a message of support like the following: “It is not the time yet. You look better than most 20s”.
Another fan added: “The most masterful answer I’ve ever read. You are wonderful. You don’t age”.

In a few hours the publication was virtualized within the social network getting more than 400,000 likes and about 4,500 comments, thus becoming a trend.
After the uncomfortable comment, Hayek published a photograph in a swimsuit where you can see her quite relaxed, confident and showing off her wavy hair, wearing sunglasses and sexy and pronounced cleavage. The publication has already reached almost 330,000 likes on Instagram.

For Salma hayek the reason for her beauty has to do with a genetic privilege, but she also reveals some beauty secrets among which is not to wash her skin in the morning, a trick she learned from her grandmother to make the skin recover all its assets and nutrients during the day.

She also confessed that he does not usually use chemicals to protect the skin against the sun because she believes that the ingredients of many of the products that supposedly protect against the sun can have a high degree of affectation to the skin cells causing great damage and generating dryness.