The kidney and the heart : A dangerous connection

According to the Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN), 15% of Spanish adults suffer from chronic kidney disease and approximately 500,000 million people worldwide suffer from kidney disease. We must also take into account that a person suffering from kidney disease increases his chances of suffering from heart disease by 10 times.

When chronic kidney disease is in an advanced stage, these patients are more likely to have a heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, etc. and in the case of the heart, a patient with heart failure can damage the kidneys, so we see the strong connection that occurs between these two vital organs, then I will present how to prevent them.

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Medicaments overdose

Normally every time we feel immediate pain, we run to our medicine cabinet and take medicine and that’s fine if it’s only once in a while, but have you ever thought about the side effects it brings to your body?

products such as anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen) decrease the blood flow to the kidneys, antacids, and antibiotics intoxicate the kidneys; according to the new England journal of medicine, 5,000 million of the annual cases of renal failure in the u.s.a. occur due to excessive consumption of analgesics such as Advil.


Getting enough sleep

It has been fully demonstrated that sleeping 7-8 hours a day helps to reduce the pressure exerted on the heart, and by sleeping the body produces healthy chemicals that help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

recently in the united states research has been done which shows that not sleeping well has a 1.5 times greater probability of having a loss of renal function.


Dental health

Regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene will help you avoid many problems because if you did not know this is favorable to protect the heart since the bacteria produced by gum disease is likely to reach the bloodstream and alter the functioning of the heart.

according to the University of California in the u.s.a. periodontitis releases inflammatory mediators into the blood and this damages the kidney, increasing the possibility of chronic kidney disease.


Not Eat Much  salt

One of the enemies of good health is salt, believe it or not, because excessive consumption of salt increases the pressure on the kidneys, as they have greater difficulty in purifying excess sodium, causing fluid retention, thirst, hypertension, causing kidney blood vessels to be damaged.

Consequently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends reducing daily salt intake. (USDA) recommends reducing the daily intake of salt, and also when consuming other foods you should take into account the hidden salt in products such as: sausages, pickles, cured cheeses, etc.


Quit smoking

smoking either constantly or from time to time is not good for the body and not only because of what we already know about the issue that affects organs such as the heart, lungs but also and if you did not know the damage it does to the kidneys, because every time you smoke the body produces creatinine that affects them greatly.

However, cigarette consumption increases the possibilities of suffering heart attacks and strokes. It has been demonstrated that smokers and ex-smokers present renal problems, and quitting smoking minimizes the risk.


Consumption of energy drinks

It is very common to find on the shelves of stores and supermarkets the trendy drinks, those we call energizers that promise to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, but those who consume them and more in excess are not being aware of the great risk to which they expose their body every time they consume such drinks because it affects organs such as the brain, heart causing arrhythmias, hypertension, insomnia.

as for the kidneys, there is a scientific concern worldwide due to the increasing cases of renal failure, especially in the case of children, who are the ones who are consuming this type of beverage in a disproportionate manner.