The Nicolas Maduro regime tried to assassinate interim president Juan Guaido.

Heavily armed Chavista groups attempted to attack the vehicle carrying the interim president   of Venezuela, as well as those attending an event held by the politician in Barquisimeto, in which Guaido was unharmed thanks to the rapid response of his escorts.

After being recognized by more than 54 countries as the president of Venezuela and after hundreds of struggles against the regime, requests for international aid, etc.
And put end to put an end to the serious crisis that the country is experiencing. Juan Guaido received this Saturday a strong attack against his own life at the hands of a group of armed militiamen known as collectives, which led by the Sebin tried to attack with long-range weapons the vehicle where the President of the moment was being transported.
Similarly, another group of armed militiamen tried to cause terror and unrest in a demonstration where he was holding the presidency in Barquisimeto. They threatened with firearms and shots in the air to those attending the event who were gathering in favor of the freedom of the Venezuelan people.

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In his twitter account and through a video, the Venezuelan president referred to the fact and commented: This dictatorship is so cowardly that it tried to kill me. Nine bullet hits hit my vehicle” and added: “Nicolas Maduro is a coward who can’t go out on the streets and that’s why he sends armed groups.

Member of a Chavista collective targeting Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaido.

Juan Guaido also referred to Diosdado Cabello, the second in command of the Chavista regime, calling him a coward.
Cabello is pointed out by the United States authorities as to the main partner of  Cartel de Los soles in the region.

Several Venezuelan digital news portals have broadcast images showing the exact moment when armed terrorists, servants of the dictator, point a gun at each other, in front of the atonic gaze of those attending the event in Barquisimeto.

These are images that show first-hand the actions of a Nicolas Maduro who sees the young politician as a latent threat to keep the dictatorship afloat, which is crumbling more and more every moment.

In front of these photos guaido marquez said: “The dictatorship tried to kill me today. They targeted me. Our only limit is the physical limit.” He also added that he will continue to work hard for the Venezuelan people and that this type of action ratifies more than a socialist government, led by a mature man and his henchmen are more suffocated than ever.

Mature showing his military power by demonstrating his warlike power, in the face of what he called a gringo invasion to kill him.

Guaido, who had recently met with US President Donald Trump in Washington, had made serious allegations of human rights violations, as well as the kidnapping of his uncle, Juan José Marquez, who had been held in arbitrary conditions by agents in the service of the Chavistas.

Independent journalistic media have mentioned that several people were injured during the public demonstration in the city of Barquisimeto located in the center of the country. It is worth remembering that during the last 8 years nicolas maduro has closed down the media that were against its policies, which is why several digital news media have emerged that broadcast through social networks such as youtube.

According to the VPLTV digital media report, five people were injured during the attack on the group of guaido supporters, including a minor by the name of yorbis lucena who was shot in the leg.
Four other people were also injured as a result of an explosion with low-powered explosives by Chavista supporters, while the group of demonstrators walked through a barricade.

 The Venezuelan leader said that the regime led by Nicolas Maduro is afraid of the great mobilization that is scheduled for March 10 and said that date is fundamental to take the regime out of power and to pack its bags.

Guaido added that his latest international tour, which included an agenda in the main European countries, served to gain more support and confront the socialist dictator more decisively.

Guaido met with Donald Trump in Washington.

Opposition deputy Alfonso Marquina made statements to the international media, denouncing what happened last Saturday as part of a plan orchestrated from Cuba and carried out by Chavista lackeys with the aim of attempting to kill the president guaido. He also called on the international community to focus on the grave human rights situation in the oil-producing country.

Furthermore, about the serious events of Saturday’s past where an attempt was made against the Venezuelan people who are fighting to break the chains of tyranny, he added:

“We have 5 injured people, two of them are currently in hospital institutions being treated, (were) injured with blunt objects on their heads (…) we are waiting for the results of the tests being done on them to know the seriousness of these injuries,” he continued.

Several opposition leaders such as Maria Corina Machado have called on the Venezuelan people to fight the mature Nicolas regime and to march on March 10 with all their might to remove the allies of the Cuban dictatorship from power.