The North American Hypercar that exceeds 500 km per hour is already a reality.

A new super speed car has arrived and will do so from the company SSC North America, which stands for Shelby Super Cars, which has already created the first of 100 hypercars that will be sold to the public during this and next year.

In 2009, the first steps were taken to create the vehicle.

The concept of the super car saw the light in the middle of 2011 when the company SSS decided to give life to the project. today almost 9 years later it is already a reality and they have ready the first prototype that will be the fastest car in the world over the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

The structure of the vehicle is based on a carbon fiber monocoque, that has allowed designing the car with high standards of safety, design, performance, aerodynamics as well as guarantees its high durability.
Its interior is made of carbon fiber, making it lighter and more comfortable for the driver and occupant.

[youtube id=”CFO6nylzxoE” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]

The most incredible thing about the manufacture of this pure design machine is that it had high aerospace standards from NASA which certifies that for the first time this vehicle has materials used by nothing in its space aircraft projects.

The engine of this American design beauty was built from scratch with Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines, has a power of 1350 horsepower and a revolution of 8,800 rpm.

As this is the first mass-produced Hypercar, engineers specialize in creating 3 driving modes – Sport, Track, Lift – which allows you to easily modify the suspension, body height, steering, shifting, and power delivery and get great power output in the mode you want to use.

As far as the price is concerned, it could be expected to be worth $3 million, but this figure will be confirmed by the company at the Philadelphia auto show soon.

Bugatti chiron the fastest car in the world today.

The flagship of American technology, according to its engineers and designers, promises to reach a maximum of 493 kilometers per hour without losing stability parameters that the car can show at a speed “ground. Thus seeking to break the current speed record of 490 kilometers per hour held by the chiron bugatti.