The photo of this couple went viral, until they read the comments and found something amazing

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey are a couple who met in college and have since had several quite particular difficulties and situations. Some time ago the couple became famous on social networks; they didn’t understand why their photo was a trend on Instagram, until they decided to find out.

However, today we will talk about the unknown details of that photograph, but first let’s learn a little more about the life of this young couple.

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The university brought them together

Since she was a child, Wendy Josep has always been a young woman who liked to be multi-faceted, also dedicated to her secondary studies. Like every young woman of her age she was quite excited about going to university as for her it was a place that would define her great part of her professional life, she would also be able to exchange new experiences. Sometime after leaving high school, the Haitian-born young woman, who had migrated with her family from childhood to New Jersey, decided to go to a nearby university.

Wendy in her first year of University

The university chosen by the young woman was Montclair State University. Everything seemed to be just as she dreamed it would be, a dream university, close to her family, with new friends, etc. But all this was soon changed, thanks to a message she received from a young man that would have repercussions on her near future. What the two young people did not know was that this moment would seal a different “girl on boy” relationship than the one everyone knows and that thanks to the social networks they would be recognized throughout their country.

A Definitive Message

As we all know Facebook is currently the largest network in the world, hosting about 2.3 billion users. However, in 2006, this social network was far from what it is today. It was barely used by a few thousand people, mostly young university students, including Wendy Josep.

The first picture of Dan on Facebook. Year 2006.

Wendy had only been using the new social network for a few days, however, when she started socializing on her Facebook page she received an eye-catching message from a young man by the name of Dan Hennessey. In the message the young man introduced himself in a very polite way, describing what he did for a living, which he studied among other aspects of his life. The young woman was quite astonished by this message and decided to answer him vehemently: “first of all, I don’t know you and I don’t trust the Internet”. The funny thing was that she was thinking about the message every day and thought it was necessary to tell someone about that boy and his message.

Researching the guy in the message.

Wendy decided to investigate and find out who was the boy who owed her that message that kept her thinking for several days. In her research, she discovered that young Dan was a fourth-semester student at Montclair State University studying sports science and was also about 18 years old. However, because the 2006 facebook was totally different from the one we use today, the girl was unable to learn more about Dan although she would later confess that what led her to investigate the young man further was that she found him quite cute and handsome.

As the days passed and she became curious about the boy, she made the decision to talk to her best friend Daphne. Who advised her that ideally she should talk to the boy and give him a chance to meet her, an idea that Wendy might not like.

Connecting Dan and Wendy’s equities

Some time ago, Wendy explained on her Youtube channel that one of the reasons she didn’t want to think about Dan was the fact that she discovered that the young man was also trying to talk to her best friend Wendy. She commented that she thought about Dan at that moment: “I’m definitely not going to talk to him because he tried to talk to my best friend.

Dan, embarrassed by the moment that it made him look like a Womanizer and that he was only sending messages to pick up some girl, explained: “I was checking my Facebook and I came across a list of profiles that I wanted to look at and I ended up sending a message when I saw that it was one of Wendy’s friends and so I said it’s wonderful, I’ll try to connect with her through her friend”. That’s how social networks led to Dan’s reputation in front of Wendy to decline, but this wouldn’t be the last time that social networks would play an important role in the young couple’s relationship.

The Perseverance gives results

After a series of messages sent by Dan and in view of his insistence that she connect with Wendy he decided to respond. From then on there was a magic between the two of them in such a way that the conversation seemed to flow, there was a special kind of connection between the two young university students. Wendy and Dan then decided to continue meeting each other by chat and talking and finally take the step to get to know each other even more.

The couple in one of their photos uploaded to their instagram account

As many of us have done today, online romances are becoming more common given the reach of the internet. However, in 2006 an online romance looked like a movie, so at some point, the young couple had no idea where to take the conversation; Dan comments: “There were days when we didn’t know what to talk about, we talked so much that it seemed like we had already said everything” and adds: “So I thought about asking her out, but dinner would be something very quick and formal, so I decided to invite her to a party at my apartment”.

Improvising a party to see her

As we saw earlier Dan was so happy with his friends, so far with Wendy that he decided to invite her to a party he would Make. The young man, who shared a room with his classmates in room 2A, often parties. Now, however, there was a rather peculiar problem.

Wendy and Dan in their first year of engagement.

Dan had told Wendy that the party would be held the following weekend. However, years later the young man himself would reveal on his youtube channel the following “There was no real party”, and he admits that he was afraid that the girl would say yes since he had not prepared any party and if it was a yes, he would have very little time to make it..

The party’s finally happening.

Although the party didn’t go as expected that day, Wendy decided to accept the invitation for the following week. Once she got her yes, she started looking for friends to organize the party, although of course, this was not a major problem for the young man in love since he was a basketball player for his university team: Montclair State University.

The party had been arranged for 8 pm, 30 minutes later Wendy arrived accompanied by a group of friends from her university. During the first two hours the two lovers were talking and this would be the beginning of a romance that would turn their lives around for good.

Years later Wendy would say on her youtube channel: “They all left but we were still there talking”.

Stopping being friends

Some time after that party, it was curious that many of Dan’s friends ended up being partners with some of the friends that Wendy brought to the party. So Cupid was not only hitting on this couple of lovers but he also hit on more than one of them that night. Dan had a great idea to seal the deal. He proposed that they become a couple.

At that time the young man was having a birthday and was surprised to receive a text message on his cell phone from Wendy expressing a happy birthday. Dinner finally arrived around that time, Wendy said, “He told me to try something together, ‘let’s try. I accepted and from that moment on we were a couple.

Years together and an unexpected breakup

During several years of college the couple had formed a very special bond, sharing great moments of college and their love life. But as time went on, Wendy realized that when her career was over, she would have to focus on herself and her professional life, so it would be hard to end her relationship with her beloved. She was aware of her family’s struggle to send him to that university and was convinced that he would have to give back their efforts.

The breakup brought about a deep sadness

So it was that before she graduated from college, Wendy gave her boyfriend the terrible News: She wanted to end the courtship. This news left the young athlete devastated and he contracted a depression of several weeks, it was not easy to break up with someone who has shared so much. After that bitter moment, Dan decided to set his life and set his goals as well as the next steps of his life. The couple finally set out to move beyond their relationship and focus on their individual life projects and goals.

The beginning of a celebrity, Reconciliation and a beautiful love.

A year after graduating from college, Wendy began working for a major nutrition company in her hometown. But she felt a desire over time to create a youtube channel where she explained the secrets to perfect hair care, as well as tutorials on health, fitness and physical education.

While Wendy was thriving in her job and also having a brutal success on youtube. Dan had followed his life as a sports instructor; the couple had decided to take a year and a half off which they said would help them forget and heal their wounds. However, this was far from being a reality.

Dan had decided to open his own youtube channel where he gave fitness classes, both of them following their social networks but keeping a prudent distance from each other. Both Dan and Wendy had been quite successful on youtube, many of their followers were fans who wanted to see the outcome of this love story.

A Happy Anniversary

Years after the couple broke up, she decided to give herself another chance and resume her romance. However, from their first date in 2006 until they decided to return, the couple had forgotten that important anniversary date.

Not only had Wendy grown up in the last 10 years achieving success in social networks but she had also achieved important recognition in her work environment. Dan had also achieved an important relevance as a digital influencer in the fitness world.

The publication that made them viral.

With a significant number of followers on Instagram, Wendy decided to publish a series of photos on her profile to commemorate her beautiful love story with Dan. Wendy published her picture next to each other: The first picture showed her college relationship in 2006. Now in the second photo, you see both of them in their swimsuits.

Wendy described in the photo description “10 years of the difference! Left 2007, Right 2017.”

Wendy commented in the first comment of the photo: “I used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face every day, and [Dan] used to take off his beard once a week! Now we have a pretty radical change. However, something amazing started to happen; The young YouTuber started getting thousands of likes and comments on the photo that saturated her phone. It was such that the publication reached one 10,000 likes and about 1500 comments.

The comments revealed everything

Maybe if you’ve gotten this far you’ve asked yourself: why did this publication go so viral? The secret was found in the comment section.

The young couple seem to rejuvenate over the years

The secret to the virality of the photo was: “Did they both age in reverse? One of the comments said, “Do you know the source of eternal youth? Another wrote, “Why does he seem to be dating the mother on the left and the daughter on the right? One more “Do you want the secret to rejuvenate with the years as you do? The couple couldn’t believe their comments and were quite comforted by the support, this support would lead to a great idea.

Fame knocking on the door.

From the beginning of their relationship both had been steeped in wellness issues such as nutrition and exercise. So with all the attention directed at them they just needed to capitalize on that reputation that catapulted them to world recognition.

True4You Fitness in Instagram.

In 2014 the couple had created a blog dedicated to talking about physical health, but given the success they had in 2017 thanks to their photo, they both decided to start a business called True4You Fitness, which has so far borne fruit.

A Model Couple

The couple continued with their lives after being recognized throughout the United States and Europe, being interviewed by important television media and winning millionaire contracts with companies in the world of sports such as Nike. The couple continued to broadcast content on youtube where they have hundreds of thousands of fans who watch videos of their travels around the world every day.

Dan and Wendy now travel all over the world.

The couple today lives happily with their business and giving advice to their entire community of followers on how to be an ideal couple and the secrets to success on social networks.