The radical physical change of Yasmine Bleeth of Guardians of the Bay, after 17 years in Hollywood.

After 17 years of his successful participation in the Yasmine Bleeth Baykeeper series, he is totally unrecognizable.

In 1993 the Yasmine Bleeth drove everyone crazy with her monumental figure.

During the ’90s there was a series that caught many teenagers of those years and as guardians of the bay. This successful series showed us how a group of boys and girls with attractive, slim bodies that were envious saved people from drowning and told us stories that their protagonists lived. Among that cast was Yasmine Bleeth who entered the series at 25 years old and participated in 4 seasons, she drove many young people crazy who saw the series; her top model body was enviable, her role as Caroline Holden was so relevant even at the same level of Pamela Anderson.

Her dream figure and beautiful face led her to be named by people magazine as one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, 25 years later all that is in the past.

In the last few days a series of photos of Yasmine Bleeth has begun to appear that have left all the fans of the series puzzled. In the photos, Bleeth looks much more emaciated and has gained extra kilos, she looks totally unrecognizable.

Yasmine Bleeth, part of the successful Series in 1993.

In the images you can see her walking through the streets of Los Angeles where she currently resides taking his pet for a walk and wearing a colorful dress and a black hoodie and a distant look.

Yasmine entered the series in 1993 when she was replacing her sister Stephanie Holden, who played the role of Alexandra Paul in the series.
Her performance was so acclaimed by the great David Hasselhoff (star of series like the Fantastic Car), that he decided to give him a role of his own in the series. However, her wildlife and problems with alcohol and cocaine addiction ended up making her fired in 1997.
Such addictions have continued over the years even into 2012 Douglas Schwartz told how violent she had become and how really difficult it was to deal with.
It is rumored that her drug addiction worsened around 1998 when her relationship ended with renowned actor Richard Grieco, with whom she had plans to marry that evidently never materialized, due to infidelity with a model by the actor.

Her critical state of addiction led her to be hospitalized for several months in a rehab clinic located in Malibu, California. During that time in rehab, the famous actress met her current husband Paul Cerrito. Bleeth confessed to an American media outlet that it was Paul who motivated her to quit her strong addiction to drugs.

In 2001, Yasmine was again at the center of another scandal when she was arrested in a car accident after being drunk and found 25 grams of cocaine.
This behavior led to two years of probation and 120 hours of community service.

The actress disappeared from the scene in 2003 and did not reappear 7 years later, posing in a sexy swimsuit for an advertising campaign for a famous brand of milk (Go milk).

In 2010 it appears in an advertisement for Go milk

The actress disappeared from the scene in 2003 and did not reappear 7 years later, posing in a sexy swimsuit for an advertising campaign for a famous brand of milk (Go milk).

The photograph taken of this icon in the 1990s makes it very clear that his serious drug addiction problems and a life of debauchery ended up ruining that youthful figure that many women desire and that today is only part of history.