The secrets behind Julia Roberts’ “Eternal Youth”.

At 52 years old, the American actress who starred in films such as The Big Scam (2001), the years seem not to affect her.

This wonderful actress who became famous in 1990 with the film *Beautiful Woman*, a film that grossed more than 400 million dollars at the box office and that would lead her to star in successful films such as *Sleeping with the Enemy* released in 1991, revealed the secrets to keep her skin from aging.

The Actress is one of the best-preserved women in Hollywood

In a recent interview with the popular magazine People, Roberts said she loves the outdoors and has even instilled that habit in her children, but adds that she should always wear good sunscreen.

For her, one of her main tips for having young and smooth skin is to use a good sunscreen.

Julia Roberts, winner of an Oscar award for best actress in 2010, as well as the winner of 3 golden balloons for (Best Dramatic Actress, Best Comedy Actress, and Best Supporting Actress); revealed that another main piece of advice to keep skin healthy and hydrated is to go to bed with a clean face, without a single drop of makeup, since for many women this simple aspect seems to be unimportant since many women omit this advice over time.

Robert assures that leaving the face free of makeup or dirt will naturally moisturize the skin which will allow it to avoid expression lines in the long run.

Roberts in a recent interview with the vanity magazine allure commented on the importance of moisturizing the face as a freshly hydrated skin will help cell regeneration and commented :

“I need to keep my face hydrated, I’m focusing on it a lot.”

In another interview with the popular magazine Imagen, the acclaimed actress was asked if it was important for her to have a fairly strict beauty routine or one that didn’t lead to such persistence, to which she replied:

“On a normal day I’m myself, I brush my teeth, try to use as little makeup as possible and my bag must be full of sunscreen,” she adds:

“I am a busy mother, sometimes I give sunscreen only to my children and when I go outside I burn my nose. I try very hard to take care of myself in that way.”

The latest skin care advice given by the star of the film The Eat Pray Love relates to being aware of what we eat as this has a direct impact on our skin, Roberts told paper magazine:

“You have to eat good things to get good results. Stay calm, drink water, sleep and be cheerful”.

Julia Roberts at an Oscar Awards Ceremony.

She enjoys his “Eternal youth” in his summer mansion with design yesteryear.

The famous actress, who in 2016 was surprised by his statements of sexual harassment From American producer Harvey Weinstein, now lives in a Victorian designed mansion which cost the actress about $ 8 million, a price he managed to get after several negotiations and reduce it from $ 10.2 million to the final price.

The complex has two thousand square meters as well as 5 bathrooms, a slate  roof, gardens and the most striking feature is a wine cellar that can hold over 1200 bottles.

The possible return to  Hollywood

Despite his success and recognition within the Hollywood world lately he has not been seen more. one of his last appearances on the big screen was his performance in the film “Back to Me” released in 2018 and which was critically acclaimed.

Despite his success and recognition within the Hollywood world lately he has not been seen more. one of his last appearances on the big screen was his performance in the film “Back to Me” released in 2018 and which was critically acclaimed .

Therefore, in a recent television interview, he was asked about his acting plans and revealed that she is currently working with Sean Penn on a related series about the notorious Watergate case of the 1970s. The film will be produced by Sam Esmail, creator of Mr Robot.

Richard Nixon , Principal involucrado en el caso Watergate

According to the actress, the series also features renowned actors such as Armie Hammer and Joel Edgerton, who participated in series such as Loving in 2016.

Several entertainment media have made it public that several cable television companies such as Universal Cable Productions are interested in taking over the rights to this production and transmitting  by video streaming.

Let’s remember that the Watergate Scandal was a political event that shook the American country during the 70s and where an espionage network was made public that sought with various corruption and bribery techniques to achieve the re-election of richard nixon who ended up resigning from the presidency in 1974 after the fact was made public.

The scandal was uncovered by two Washington Post journalists, thanks to a secret FBI informant.