The Strong Stage Of His Life That Joaquin Sabina Goes Through.

Despite the bad health that the Spanish singer-songwriter is going through, he says he is ready to continue composing songs and delighting the public with his melodies as far as his health allows.

The 71-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter is one of Spain’s most emblematic artists.

The 71-year-old singer from the Spanish city of Ubeda underwent surgery for an intracranial hematoma on February 13. During the procedure he had no major complications, but spent almost six days in the ICU. Fortunately, according to the doctors, he has been showing a gradual improvement, which led to his transfer to a hospital room at The Hospital Rúber Internacional in Madrid.

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Sabina had to be operated on urgently, after this Wednesday while giving a concert at the Wizkink Center in Madrid.
He suffered an unexpected fall from the stage to a height of more than 1.70 meters, suffering trauma to the left shoulder, chest trauma as well as a head injury, the latter causing an intracranial clot of which was operated on after tests.
The renowned Spanish singer had been under observation for at least two days while he was being followed, taking into account the history of recent illnesses that the singer has suffered, including conditions suffered as a result of a stroke he suffered in 2001.

Joaquin Sabina on one of his tours in Argentina.

After waking up from surgery, the Spanish singer is known as *My upstairs neighbor*, and based on versions given to the press by one of his friends the poet Benjamin Prado, his first words were: “I want to smoke”.

Prado has sent a message to all his followers saying that the Sabina “is already feeling much better”, despite the trauma he suffered and the operation he underwent.