The truth about Prince Harry’s and his brother’s estrangement finally came out

For a long time the two royal brothers, sons of Princess Diana, were always quite close. But after Prince Harry decided to become a married man, rumors spread about a possible break-up of the relationship of the brothers who were descendants of the royal crown.

But is there any truth in all this scandal? Days ago, Prince Harry came out to the front to make a statement about this particular event.

Imposed Enemies

For many fans of the royal family. The fact that there are quarrels between the two brothers seems quite illogical, but in the end, as in every family, there will always be enemies. But according to an important article published by a well-known BBC journalist; the 2 heirs to the crown had been raised with the consent of the Queen as an heir who in this case would be Prince William and a deputy or replacement who would be assumed by Harry.

But despite this, Princess Diana, who was aware of this whole situation that would seem to be Involuntary, would have worked hard so that Harry would not feel relegated. This version was supported by royal biographer Ingrid Seward.

A tragic event

As is well known, Princess Diana died in 1997 in a tragic accident. Many theories have been put forward about her death, ranging from a simple accident to conspiracy theories that speak of a possible assassination by the Crown. This fact left Harry and William without their parent.

Despite their early loss, William has always said that together they have managed to overcome the death of their mother. In an audio release from the royal palace in Kensington, the Prince comments: “We remain united despite everything, even my brother and I have not talked about my mother in a long time”.

Abandoning bachelorhood

In 2018 Prince Harry married the American actress Meghan Markle. Let’s remember that the young couple decided to move away from the privileges of the crown, perhaps because Harry became aware that the one who would be in the direct line to the throne would be his brother William and not him. Coincidentally, the best man at Harry and Meghan’s wedding was Prince Harry’s older brother; although it seemed to be a pleasant and quiet wedding, rumors later arose about a possible break-up in the two brothers’ family relationship.

Months after the wedding between the Jovial Prince and the renowned actress. Rumors of a possible pregnancy began to become a reality, as the couple confirmed it in their instagram account which today has more than 10 million followers. However, not everything ended here a few weeks later the newlyweds decided to move from their royal palace to the royal mansion Frogmore Cottage, very close to where Prince William and his wife Kate live. This new episode increased the doubts about how the young family’s relationships were.

Distance within the family

After the news about the possible breaking off   Harry’s wife  and her brother William, many media began to speculate about possible problems in the English royalty. Even in an article published by the prestigious newspaper The Sun, there was a dispute in the royal family over the disposition of the staff. As quoted by The Sun Meghan had been used to an environment of high standards so she had fought with Duchess Kate over the disposition of royal employees like chauffeurs and servants.

Apparently Meghan has a pretty marked temperament. According to The Daily Telegraph, the two duchesses had started having run-ins long before that. The paper mentions that during Harry and the American actress’s wedding, in which Charlotte, Prince William’s daughter and his wife, was to be a bridesmaid, there was a lot of friction because of the disagreement over the dress the girl would wear. This so irritated Kate, Prince William’s wife, that she left the room quite upset and crying.

Confirmed rumors of a dispute

The days went by and there were only hypotheses about the relationship within the royal family. However, Katie Nicholl, who is an accredited correspondent for the royal family of Vanity Fair, a prestigious American show business magazine, is not. Nicholl made public in one of her reports for the magazine that the dispute within the line to the throne by the two English royalty: William and Harry. In a separate article it is mentioned that Harry felt that his brother did not give him the role that Meghan had within the royal family, ignoring her many times. This situation would have led to the young prince’s anger.

In a recent documentary revealed by the TLC Television Network and called Kate v. Meghan: Princesses at War? many of these rumors of a family breakup became even more real. During the documentary, according to reporter Emily Andrews of The Sun, William reportedly made incredible statements about the young couple’s relationship and referred to his brother as follows: “I think he went crazy and said, ‘You’re trying to ruin this relationship before it’s even begun.

The opinion of the royalty

In the midst of all this wave of scandals, the American show business establishment, Us Weekly, wanted to know the opinion of the English monarchy on the growing rumors of a possible estrangement of the two young dukes. Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth II’s press secretary, commented: “The dispute was based on Harry and Meghan moving out of Kensington Palace and into Windsor.

Arbiter also adds: “Harry has grown up and decided to make his own home, which His Majesty respects. When he was single, he lived in the palace with his older brother and sister-in-law. All this change he wants to implement has generated confusion because he wants to have royal services independent from his brother’s, and William feels a little bit ill at ease.

A new son would show the family together.

On May 6, 2019, the royalty surprised the world’s press and the royal couple’s supporters. That day Prince Harry became a father; a son who would be called Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. But contrary to rumors, Kate and William were happy with the birth of their first nephew, dispelling any rumors of a sibling quarrel.

Weeks later Kate and William attended a King’s Cup match where they gave an interview. During the interview, William stated that he was “obviously looking forward to seeing them in the next few days when things have calmed down” and jokingly added: “I’m happy that from now on my brother belongs to the club of the hardships of raising a child”.

Kate and Meghan made friends again?

About the relationship between the two duchesses everything seems to be going smoothly. According to a prestigious English media, there is a kind of new camaraderie between the two after birth within the royal family. A royal servant commented to a reporter from The Sun newspaper, although he asked for anonymity for security reasons: “While I was doing my job I heard that Kate has made herself available to Meghan if she needs advice, if she needs help or anything else, and Kate said, ‘I’m here. I’m here for you. This employee’s account of the alleged enmity between the two women does not exist.

Although the two young princes are rarely seen together at royal events, it was a tragic event that marked them to meet in mid-2019.

It was one more anniversary of the death of his mother: Princess Diana. During the celebration of the Eucharist, the two young people were seen in great comradeship and he remembers the images of those two innocent children posing in front of the cameras when Princess Diana was alive.

Harry and his version of the estrangement rumors.

Several television stations have been monitoring the couple’s situation. They have made documentaries about Harry and Meghan’s personal life, one of them called ITV Harry and Meghan: An African Journey directed by renowned journalist Tom Bradby; Harry talks about the rumors of a break-up with his brother.

During the dialogue, the journalist asked Harry: “There has been a lot of talk in the media about the discussions with your brother, how true is that? To which the prince calmly replied: “Part of the role I have had since I was a child, the family, my job and all the stress I am under, generates friction with my brother, but I suppose that is normal. Now we are really on different paths but he knows that I will always be there to support him.” He adds: “We don’t see each other as much as we used to, since we are so busy. But I love him very much, and you know most things are probably, well, most things are created out of nothing.

Meghan can’t find her way in her new life

The famous actress has revealed in several interviews that she is not comfortable with her role, but she is aware of the responsibilities that Prince Harry’s fiancée would have. There has been much speculation about the role she played in Harry’s decision to abandon the royal seal. A decision that has brought him quite a few implications, mostly negative.

During the interview that the Reporter of the documentary ITV Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, she referred to her new responsibilities as follows: “Honestly, I told H, that’s what I call it, for a long time it’s not enough to survive. That’s not the point of life. You have to thrive. This shows that she is not happy with the radical change in her life that she has had to go through.

A well-known psychologist has mentioned that the brothers have had quite a few emotions since the death of their mother and no one can interfere with that. They only hope that time will be able to heal some of these emotional deficiencies; that it could have marked them and that in spite of so much luxury and eccentricity that they have in the crown it does not make them completely happy and committed as brothers to the causes of the monarchy.

Let us now learn some unknown details about the pair of brothers
Any of the princes can take you by helicopter.

Almost everyone can drive a car or a motorcycle, but driving a helicopter is really on a different level. However, it’s something both princes can do without any problem.


William trained with the RAF( Royal Air Force) in search, rescue and air ambulance, while his brother trained with the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority ),which allowed him to be driving helicopters during the Afghan war, being promoted to commander.


Both are fighting climate change.

Many figures in the world today are focusing their efforts on making people aware of the seriousness of climate change and encouraging them to improve the health of the planet.

So William, a little more immersed than Harry, has focused on bringing that message to as many people as possible around the world. So a tour he made of Africa in 2019 gave a pretty eloquent speech, then he set out to help plant trees in Chobe National Park. Located in Botswana.

They decided to pay a tribute to their mother

The year 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana. That is how her children wanted to do something to remember their mother, making a documentary called Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.

During the film William commented: “Part of the reason why Harry and I want to do this tribute is because she gave us everything … I think we owe her a lot, 20 years later, to defend her name and remember her is something we believe is valuable”.

They are forbidden to eat seafood

It seems rather illogical, but these are rules that have been taken up by royalty for decades. Because by consuming this type of food, they have a high possibility of suffering from food poisoning, which could even put the lives of the rulers at risk.

Just imagine if one of the princes suffered from an eating disorder on one of his trips, it would be quite disastrous. However, the prince admitted in an interview that he had tried sushi in the past and was fascinated.

Fast food lovers

Both princes were always fond of eating a Pizza or a Mcdonalds burger. This was corroborated by the Royal Chef: Darren McGrady who in an interview to The Sun newspaper commented that the young princes were lovers of fast food, especially fries.

He also mentions the children’s taste in having fast food prepared for them for meetings with their friends. But most of all they loved the toys that came in the McDonald’s surprise boxes.