These are the best and worst deals at Costco

We will not deny that Costco is one of the favorite supermarkets of all Americans, the great quality of products and especially the great deals they offer, make hundreds of thousands go shopping there.

With more than 514 stores throughout the United States, there is no city where we can’t find a Costco. However, when it comes to taking advantage of prices and offers, the best way is to acquire a membership, which will allow us to access offers and products with crazy prices. But be careful, just as there are excellent offers, there are others in which you will end up losing money.

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Is that good?

It is one of the products that appear more in the offer, we are not going to say that it does not have the power to leave the clothes clean. The problem is when we compare it with other detergents of higher quality, which is only a few cents and it would not be optimal to deteriorate the fabrics of our clothes or washing machine to save a couple of dollars a month, don’t you think?

Some studies have shown that although cheap detergent can have positive effects when washing clothes, it can generate health problems. In this last aspect, we could mention damages the appearance of allergy and nasal irritation problems.


Books are not so cheap

Thinking of attracting reading lovers to their stores, a few years ago Costco incorporated a section dedicated to offering books. We must mention that there are certainly some very interesting titles and the best thing is that they are reasonably priced.

The bad news is that although they may appear to be a little cheaper in essence than if you bought them in a bookstore, a significant number of times the books offered on the shelves of Costco are much more expensive than if you bought them on Amazon. A curious thing!

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Olive oil: Unbeatable price

If there is one offer you can’t miss at Costco, it is olive oil. Usually, in other stores, this product has a very high cost, partly because it is a product imported from Spain.

Costco’s olive oil will help you save significant amounts of money if you buy it in bulk. The quality is unparalleled as it is an extra virgin olive oil.

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Healthy snacks for good nutrition

In the last few years, the awareness of having a good diet has become popular, partly due to the figures given by health entities, related to heart accidents caused by obesity or diabetes.

That’s why there’s nothing like a healthy snack and at Costco you can find them. For only 12 dollars you can get more than 30 snacks that besides being good for your heart have a taste that you won’t find in any other similar product.


Gasoline is economical

This is one of the benefits that people who buy a Costco membership can enjoy the most, since gasoline is usually quite affordable.

This way the next time you travel you can save a few extra dollars on fuel. But be careful not to think that because it is cheap, the gasoline is of poor quality. On the contrary, its fuel is certified with high standards so you can be confident in using it.


Frozen Fruits and Vegetables are a Bargain

Vegetables have countless health benefits and it is true that if we go to a specialized vegetable store they will be fresh and will tend to ripen and spoil over time.


That’s why one advantage is to buy Costco’s frozen vegetables that allow you to keep them in the freezer for days without damage. Best of all, they have really competitive prices.


Forget about soft drinks

A good soft drink on a summer day goes down well, the taste is an important aspect to have an even more pleasant experience. Commonly in a typical supermarket, buying a Pepsi or coke soft drink will be quite expensive.

In this situation, it is easy to be tempted by the soft drinks offered at Costco at a super discount. The problem is that they are not the best in the world in terms of taste, so when you try them you may have a less than pleasant experience.

Of course, some people are fascinated by these Costco soft drinks.


Breakfast Cereals another great offer

The cereals of recognized brands do not usually have different nutritional characteristics than those found at Costco. The taste is exactly the same and if we compare the nutritional table they have almost the same values. Perhaps the difference is that they cost a little more than Kellogs or others.

Now if you have children at home who love cereals with yogurt or milk, this costco option is excellent because it also contains much more grams per package than other brands. Don’t miss out on this offer!


Oats in super price

This food has countless benefits for your health, all this because it provides fiber to our body avoiding even greater problems such as hypertension or even heart problems.

That’s why taking advantage of Costco’s oatmeal boxes is a good option because if you prefer to take it home you can save up to 10 dollars more than if you buy it in bulk. Think about it!


Do not buy toothpaste

Toothpaste is perhaps one of the products of regular use that run out the fastest. In addition, they are really important to maintain our dental health, so when it comes to looking for savings, they can offer us discounts and offers that we should think about very well.

If there is a product line to which large supermarkets and pharmacies decide to give a discount, it is toiletries, partly because many companies take out the inventory and decide to promote. So if you are tempted to buy the offer of costco toothpaste, it is best to wait for the offer of a pharmacy or store that they promote in their social networks or brochures.


Peanut butter a not-to-be-missed offering

If there is one product that is a must in any American home, it is peanut butter, and being able to use it on rice bread and toast is a culinary treat that is quite exquisite.

At Costco we can find peanut butter relatively much cheaper than in stores like wal-mart, plus the quality we dare say is better. So take advantage of the price and take a few to keep at home if your friends or family arrive.