These are the easiest tricks you need to know to put into practice at home… They are ridiculously simple!

Sometimes we have everyday setbacks in our homes and at those times we would like to know how to solve them. Even something as simple as a clogged toilet or a problem with a lock becomes a headache.  Interestingly, the solution to these situations is much easier than it seems.

One study even showed that about 70% of Americans do not know how to solve such a common problem as eliminating bad odors in the bathroom. That’s why today we will show you 7 tricks that will solve some events that you live daily and you didn’t know them… The 5 is unbelievable!

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Sowing tea bags 

We all usually consume in the morning a delicious tea, which besides helping us with vitality at the beginning of the day, can help us to solve health problems. The tea is usually found in a type of small soft tea bag that seems to be delicate. But did you know that when you bury these bags in your garden, magical things happen?

These are some of the benefits that your garden will receive if instead of throwing them away you decide to plant them in your vegetable garden:

  • These sachets contain elements such as tannin, a vital nutrient to make the soil fertile.
  • Interestingly, insects and pests tend to reject gardens where tea bags are planted. This will be useful to keep your plants healthy and strong.
  • The acids left in the sachets can help the soil to decompose quickly.
  • Due to certain substances that remain in the bags, the weed does not grow because it is susceptible to them.
  • The tea bags will keep cats away, it is not yet known for sure what keeps them away, but we believe it may be related to some of the acids that this type of biodegradable packaging emanates.

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Put a cup of rice in your closet.

It is believed that at least 108 million tons of rice are consumed in the world, which shows that this food has an importance in our daily diet and we can easily find it in our cupboard. One of the most important characteristics of rice is its capacity to absorb liquid.

Therefore, if you place a cup of rice you will be able to see these benefits among other things:

  • Many times our closet is filled with moisture from clothes that have not dried completely, creating an environment conducive to fungi, mold, and bacteria. Fortunately, by placing a bowl with rice in the closet, the humidity that is inside the environment will remain in the closet.
  • You can also use a little essential oil poured in a bowl with rice to give a spectacular aroma to your clothes and in general to the inside of your closet.


Forget about weeds in your home

One of the most common things we find in the garden or green areas of our home is the appearance of what we call weeds. This type of plant are annoying and gives a bad image and impression to our house, so the idea is to get rid of them, and although herbicides work they can be harmful to our health.

There is a natural method that will allow you to forget about suffering from the appearance of weeds around your house. All you have to do is to add in a cup 40% water, 40% vinegar, 5% salt and 5% soap, then proceed to mix these ingredients and pour it into a jar with a spray lid. Finally, you must spray the weed that you want to eliminate and you will see how after a few hours it will be dry and in a few days there will be no trace of it.


Remove dents from your car at home

Suffer a vehicular accident is an unpleasant experience, especially because of the emotional shock it entails. But there is also another affectation that is material and many times the insurance does not take care of paying and taking it to the repair shop costs a fortune. Fortunately there is a secret trick that will allow you to repair the damage to your car yourself. All you need is a pot, a plunger and toilet and hot water.

For this trick all you need to do is to place a boiling pot of water in a pot and wait until it is at boiling point. Now carefully pour the hot water over the dent in a bowl. Then you place the toilet plunger over the dent and pull it out towards you. Repeat this process and you will see that some time later there will be no sign of a dent in that area.


You can open a metal container with a spoon.

Many of the products we consume in cans such as tuna, peaches, condensed milk and others have some difficulty to open them. We know how sad it is that such a tasty product is so difficult to open, but what if you didn’t have a can opener?

There’s a super simple trick that might get you out of trouble if you’re going camping or there’s no hardware store nearby to buy a can opener, for example.

In the video below we explain it completely.


Peel an egg in 3 Seconds

Eggs are a food that contains a significant amount of proteins, which can be very useful for the proper functioning of our body. But beyond its health benefits, we must not deny that eating a warm egg is a true delight for the palate.

Sadly, removing the shell from warm eggs often seems like a Herculean task. At certain times it sticks or becomes so hard that we end up ruining the egg, which is certainly disappointing! But in the following video we will show you a trick that will make peeling an egg relatively easy…

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Liquid Soap to unclog the bathroom

This is perhaps one of the most headache-inducing aspects for housekeepers and cleaning workers. Basically, there are many factors that lead to a clogged toilet, from garbage, plastics and clear organic waste. But unclogging is really a challenge.

Although it is true that there are commercial products that help with this task, if you do not have them at hand, the problem is worse. The solution in these cases is to add warm water (not hot) until the toilet bowl is full, then add a significant amount of liquid soap, wait half an hour and the water will begin to flow into the pipe highlighting the toilet. It really works!