These are the uses that these domestic objects have and you did not know them!

We often find objects in our house that may be forgotten without at least imagining what other uses we can put them to. In the attic, we can find objects like coins, locks, TV antennas, keys or even simple tools rusting.

The good news is that you shouldn’t leave them literally forgotten by storing garbage since being such versatile tools can be used in different ways that you may never have imagined. If you think they are useless items, you may be wrong!

Continue Reading and save yourself unnecessary trips to the Home Depot. It’s no exaggeration to say that these tips can change your life!

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1. Shirt loops

Nowadays many people ask themselves questions about using the loops on their shirts, many even have problems wearing them and prefer to wear only T-shirts. The interesting thing is that this concept emerged in the navy, since the sailors of that time did not have space to put their shirts in the Guardaropas.

Then, because they didn’t have enough space, it was easy for them to hang their shirts on hooks. During the 60’s young people used this concept when going to the gym. No doubt if you don’t have space it will be very useful to you.


2. Color dots on toothpaste containers

You may not know it but before 1892 people used different products to clean their teeth. From silver with menthol fragrances to bicarbonate, but let’s just say that in those days, dental health was not a priority!

However, around the year 1,900, the type of elongated tube that we buy in the supermarket began to appear and of course, brings toothpaste. Something curious about this type of packaging is that it has a colored dot on the inside, often red, dark, brown, pink or blue. This line shows the machine where to cut and bend the tube! Without it the appearance of the toothpaste tube would be very different…

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3. Charcoal and bad odors

Charcoal is a mineral widely used in different branches of industry. From giving quality to many anticorrosive powders and even improving the composition of some fuels. It is also used in agriculture, electricity, even in the textile industry.

But even if you don’t know it, the chemical compounds in this material have the ability to encapsulate the bad odors and bacteria that produce this. It’s serious! Just place it in a mesh bag in the foul-smelling place and after a few hours, you will feel the sensation of fresh air.


5. Additional holes in the shoes

There’s nothing more comfortable than going for a jog with a good pair of shoes, but many times in that routine of having to tie your shoes we find some extra holes in the shoes that often leave us confused. Are they a design problem? What are they for?.

The answer is simpler than it seems because they are designed for people who carelessly buy shoes larger than their own size. This will avoid the famous “heel block”. You will enjoy a more comfortable fit and avoid painful blisters on your feet!

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6. Holes in the Airplane Window

Since their invention in 1912, airplanes have evolved both in design and technical capabilities, which has allowed people to travel safely and reduce the risk of accidents. However, airplane windows usually have a small hole in them, so why are they there? Are they risky?.

The answer as to why these holes are there is basically due to a technical design of the aircraft. They help level the pressure of the aircraft as it increases in height. Without them, the cabin and interior of the aircraft would most likely not be safe.

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7. Black Microwave Oven grill

If you’re one of those who likes to put popcorn in the microwave or heat your pizza in it, you may have noticed that black line in front of the microwave in the shape of a grid. We assure you that it has nothing to do with the Design!

The original name of this black grid is Faraday Shield. It is a safety measure designed to prevent the radiation emitted by microwave electromagnetic fields from reaching people and causing them long-term damage. Without this shield, using the microwave would not be a good idea!


8. Gaps in the golf balls

Golf is a sport that over the years has become popular, so it is normal to see people who love entertainment practicing it at least once a month. It is a sport of technique because learning to handle the tools used in the game is something essential. However, there is a question that many people ask themselves, why do golf balls have these bumps?.

Beyond a design detail to make them look different, this is a streamlined theme. Because golf balls with these holes allow for less air resistance, higher lift, and increased speed compared to traditional smooth, shiny balls, did you ever think of that?


9. Long necks on soda and beer bottles

We cannot deny that 70% of soft drinks come in glass containers with quite elongated necks. Perhaps we haven’t even noticed since we have adapted to seeing them on a daily basis. However, it is interesting to know why they have that particular design.

The answer to why this bottle design can be answered from several points of view. Firstly, having such a long neck allows the liquid to be poured into a glass comfortably. Finally, this design allows the heat to be distributed evenly inside the beer or soft drink, which is important for its conservation.

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10. Small lines that stick out on the keyboard

We’ve all typed on the keyboard at some point. Although it can be quite comfortable and versatile, often when we are using it we have come across a high relief line protruding on two keys of the keyboard, more exactly on the F and J lines, filling us with questions.

These types of signs, as we might call them, were originally designed so that typists, secretaries or people who had to type large texts could keep their eyes fixed on the keyboard. And these lines will help you locate the keys on the keyboard by making your task easier. Their use has become so popular that now there is no keyboard that does not have these superficial lines.

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11. Black indicator at the end of the tape

The measuring meter  is a tool that certainly cannot be missed at home. At any time we should use it to measure a door, a piece of wood or something else. However, something that calls attention is a small black tape or indicator at the end of it.

And while you may have an idea of what it is used for, many people are unaware of its true purpose. This tape is designed to let the tape measure rest on one end that you will be measuring, this guarantees that the work is made easier and the tape, which in many cases is made of metal, does not roll up.

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12. Holes in Pen Cap

Bic is one of the most famous pen brands in the world. It is impossible to think that there is not a person in the United States or Europe who has not had one of these pens. They are comfortable, quite intuitive to use. However, there is something that calls the attention of those of us who have used it and that is the hole in the pen cap.

Many internet users mentioned that the gouge was designed to prevent a person from breathing if they made a mistake with the cap. But the same company cleared up the rumors and mentions that this feature was put on the pen cap in order to level the pressure on the outside of the pen with the inside and prevent it from stopping working.

13. Hole in the Iphone’s camera

iPhone is already the most recognized brand in the world and has millions of fans. Its beautiful designs, its speed to execute processes, and the quality of its cameras make this brand’s smartphones desirable. Now there is something curious that has aroused the curiosity of many and is to understand what the hole I brought with the camera.

Thousands of theories emerged on the Internet, from the fact that it was to spy on its users, to the fact that it was a mini infrared camera. Faced with this wave of speculation, the American company came out to explain what it was all about. In the press release, Apple mentions that it is a third microphone that allows better sound quality when calling, as well as when recording videos. Interesting, isn’t it?