This is what happens to your Closet if you put a cup with rice in it… It’s really shocking!

Although little known, this trick will save you headaches… Continue reading to discover it.

Rice is a cereal that can not miss in the Closet of our house and we can not deny how delicious it is to try it with delicious Curry or Chinese rice. In fact, according to medical experts, rice has therapeutic benefits for our health, from improving digestive problems to providing essential minerals to maintain a good physical condition.

Now beyond the health benefits, it can provide. Rice could even prevent your closet from getting moldy or even saving your cell phone when it gets damp. Today we’ll also show you why putting rice in your closet could be more useful than you think… Very few people know this!


No more humidity!

If there is one characteristic that we can highlight about rice, it is its ability to absorb water. For some, the closet is essential to keep all our things and clothes tidy.

But in many cases, due to the pace of life we lead, we put clothes in the closet that are damp and have not dried completely. This can turn into humidity which could attract mold and fungus giving an uncomfortable smell to the clothes and the walls of the closet. The solution is to place a cup of rice and immediately this cereal will begin to absorb the moisture from the environment, protecting itself from the discomfort mentioned above.

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Your clothes always smell nice

If there’s one thing that makes us successful with people, it’s that our clothes smell good. So, a study by the University of Pittsburgh showed that people who smell good are more likely to get a job, and when we mean smell good, we also mean the smell of their clothes!

For many, the solution is to buy artificial fragrances, but these only work for a few hours and lose their effect, and they also pollute the ozone layer. So the best thing to do is to add essential oil in a cup of rice and you will see how your closet will last with a pleasant smell for days, weeks and even months, the smell that your clothes will have will be incomparable!

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How to maintain a pleasant smell in the closet?

Imagine opening your closet and being able to smell a pleasant aroma in a natural way – it’s possible! This is all you’ll need:

  • One cup of white rice.
  • A jar with essential oil.
  • Ceramic bowl.
  • A piece of cloth.
  • An elastic band.

How to do it? 

This trick is essential extremely easy and simple, here’s what you should do:

  • Add the rice to the porcelain bowl.
  • Then add at least 15 cc of essential oil.
  • Then place a piece of cloth over the container.
  • With an elastic band, cover the bowl so that the fabric does not fall out and remains secure.
  • Ready to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your closet.

Remember to change the oil and rice in the bowl on average every 2 to 3 months.


Rice can protect your phone

Smartphones are part of our daily lives. We use them daily for leisure activities, taking pictures, and communicating with our close friends and relatives. But unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen that most phones are not prepared for, such as humidity or water.

In these cases, rice becomes a real lifesaver, as it can absorb the moisture and water that has been left on your cell phone. So what you should do is quickly place your phone in an airtight bag filled with rice and leave it for hours. After that time you will see that your smart device will turn on again.


Brown to yellow bananas

If there is something that delights the palate is to eat a delicious banana that is in that yellow color, effectively this fruit is a great source of potassium important for the functioning of the muscles. But many times this food turns brown in its peel which is quite uncomfortable and takes away our appetite to eat it.

However, there is a trick involving Rice that can give the yellow color to those bananas:

  • Place in a ziplock bag a significant amount of rice, more than half of the bag.
  • Then put the banana inside the bag, so that it is covered by the rice, Seal the bag and roll it up and wait about 2 hours.
  • Now take out the banana and with a hairdryer start applying hot air to the banana and Wala, magic

In this video, you can see how to do this trick more easily.