This will happen to your body if you eat eggs regularly

The egg is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the world. Even in countries like Spain, it is estimated that a person consumes around 265 eggs per year. Although for a long time egg consumption had a bad reputation because it was associated with weight and cholesterol gain, nutritionists claim that it is one of the most complete foods found in nature due to the balance of amino acids in its protein and the nutrients it provides to the body.

This food is also an incredible reserve of vitamins that we use every day to replenish our energy and complete our metabolic processes. Among the most important vitamins contained in eggs are (Vitamin A, B2, biotin, B12, E, D, K) also provides the following minerals (Zinc, phosphorus, iron and iodine).

The secret to the nutrition of the egg is in consuming it cooked and as an accompaniment to recipes either salads or egg cakes with vegetables. It is not recommended to eat it fried with trans oils.

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8. Help the brain

Contrary to what many people ignore, our brain performs complex operations for the correct functioning of our organism, it is a perfect processing machine. So for its correct functioning, it needs nutrients and antioxidants, but also important vitamins such as B12.

A recent study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those individuals who consumed eggs for no more than 20 days showed better cognitive response and stimuli that improved improvement by 80 % than those who did not. The same study also highlights that egg consumption, in addition to being a superfood for the brain due to its vitamins and minerals, helps prevent the deterioration of the brain caused by old age.


7. Improve Vision

Today with the increase in exposure to LED screens that have devices such as computers and mobile phones is very easy to start suffering from vision loss problems. Therefore the importance of maintaining health and nutrition in the eye, recent studies has shown that one of the main causes of the emergence of vision problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and others is related to the loss of nutrients and vitamins in the eye.

One of the greatest contributions of the egg to vision is that it is a food rich in lutein, a characteristic pigment that has antioxidant properties and is involved in preventing the appearance of vision problems such as cataracts or degeneration of the eye cell.

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6. Strengthens bones and teeth

One of the problems that young adults are experiencing is related to the lack of calcium in their bones, which leads to the appearance of diseases such as osteoporosis. Even calcium deficiency would be related to an increase in dental problems in children and young people.

The egg contains Vitamin D3, which would be related to the increase of Vitamin D in the body. In that sense it’s important to remember that Vitamin D is important for strengthening bone tissues and allowing the natural absorption of calcium important for our health, so don’t hesitate to have a nice egg with an avocado salad!

5. Good functioning of the liver, heart and hair

If you have problems such as hair loss, it is very likely that you are lacking important vitamins such as vitamin B. Even if you suffer from common colds or infections on a regular basis, eggs can be your important ally.

The B vitamin present in the egg, has an important function in our organism especially in the heart and liver since it helps to maintain purification processes that happen in the liver working correctly because it contains phospholipids that would also help to strengthen the immune system.

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4. Avoid cardiovascular risks

The increase in diseases related to cholesterol problems has been rising over the last few years. The consumption of saturated fats can affect your health because if you don’t exercise it sticks to the walls of your arteries and in many cases clogs them, causing problems such as heart attacks or minor injuries.

For decades the egg has had a bad reputation as being responsible for increasing triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood. However, a compelling study from the University of Eastern Finland found that eating eggs regularly is not responsible for increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and that it will instead help reduce inflammation and absorption of cholesterol into the body.

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3. Weight loss

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO), points out that around 1900 million people in the world have overweight and around 700 million are obese. Excessive weight gain has become a major public health problem and among the causes of this problem are the sedentary levels of the population.

One of the causes that leads us to gain weight is that feeling of hunger that we feel after eating. However, recent studies have shown that eggs provide 50% more satiety than foods such as oats or some cereals. The eggs are rich in amino acids that help improve the metabolic process and burn more energy during it.

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2. Prevent Cancer

The bad eating habits, according to experts, would be exposing people to these kinds of deadly diseases, cancers such as colon, stomach and other cancers could be prevented by eating a balanced diet, living a happy life among other good living habits.

However, recent studies have shown that the presence of Choline in the egg can help prevent the appearance of this type of disease by 40%, especially in the breast. So don’t forget to add at least two eggs a day to your diet.

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1. Prevent aging

Aging is a natural process and although it cannot be stopped if its effects on the skin can be diminished. You may hear a lot of tricks to look younger, but what we do know is that you may not know the benefits of the egg to help you look young and have a skin of envy.

Eggs are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin has an impressive power in helping to rejuvenate skin cells because it helps to absorb important nutrients for the regeneration of skin cells. So if you eat eggs regularly you won’t only look younger with a smoother skin but you will also be able to improve your overall health.