When they renovated their house they found something not to believe !!!

Renovating a house is such a normal, everyday task. With time, the finishes, walls and other infrastructure parts start to be damaged. That’s why renovation is ideal and that’s precisely what an Ohio couple did together. However, they were not ready for the surprise they would get!.

They had completed the renovation on the first and second floors of their house, but when they arrived to remodel the basement everything really changed! What they found in that place was of such magnitude that everything ended up in a federal investigation.

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Something unusual on the walls

As soon as he reached the walls of the basement and began to restructure them, the husband began to find something that caught his attention. It was a series of graffiti underneath the wallpaper, this caused him curiosity and he immediately commented to his wife.

With the surprise in front of them, they decided to ask themselves if such graffiti was arranged on a single wall or if it was distributed all over the place. As they continued to look around they discovered in another corner a series of quite striking and somewhat scary drawings.

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A foreign object was approaching

Even though we found those kinds of drawings on the walls, we were still amazed by them, but everything seemed not to end there. Just after continuing to inspect the place, the young couple noticed something that seemed to be between the beams of the ceiling.

To his surprise, the wife told her husband to bring the camera to capture the moment if it was something that was of any logic… Actually, at this point John and Marilyn as that couple was called were a little scared!

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Discovering the Strange Object

After 4 hours of trying to remove the obstacles between them and the object. They managed to get to it and thus discovered that it was a green Suitcase, it was really to find something this shocking in their home. The questions didn’t wait.

At first Marilyn told her husband that it was best to call in an expert on these things to avoid getting into trouble, since graffiti and walls could not bode well. But surely the question and uncertainty of what was inside was not expected anymore!

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Your weight Increased questions

John decided to call a friend and show him his discovery and was equally impressed with the couple recommending that the best thing was to open it, perhaps and he would have a hidden treasure. It had been two days since John had opened his suitcase and he was anxious to find out what it was.

His wife was working in the morning and just thought of opening the suitcase, but thought it would be risky and that the best thing was to wait for her to arrive so he wouldn’t be alone, since it was unknown what was inside.

What they found was shocking!

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A mystery that did not cease to amaze

While his wife was returning from work, John decided to sneak a peek at what might be inside that suitcase without success. What did shock him was the weight of that suitcase and questions came to his mind such as, who could have hidden that? Who could it belong to? ….

When his wife arrived, they tried to open the suitcase but unfortunately they found that the lock was stuck and no matter how hard they tried, it was not possible to open that enigmatic suitcase.


Nobody works at Christmas

Since that suitcase could not be opened easily, the only option was to hire a locksmith who could do it. However, it happened to be Thanksgiving in those days so it wasn’t easy to find someone who could help them.

Therefore they had to wait two days until a locksmith arrived at their house to open the case. It was just a small defect in the lock that was fixed in a couple of minutes. And finally they proceeded to open that enigmatic case…

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Uncovering the mystery at last

When the couple proceeded to uncover that suitcase what they found was a plastic sheet covering the inside of that mysterious case. But when they looked more closely, they could see a series of rectangular objects that were protected with what appeared to be a newspaper.

At first they thought it was money, this inevitably filled them with emotion. When they looked closer they discovered that they were from a series of documents that were well superimposed, but underneath the suitcase there was something shocking. How could this Finding be possible?

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Millionaires for a moment

When they took out the documents that were on top, they were able to find what appeared to be 3 bundles of bills all of 20 dollars! The face of Felicidad de Jhon and his wife could not be made to wait, in fact it was not possible!.

Amidst their astonishment and excitement, this couple continued to take out more and more bills, many of them were old but this was certainly not possible. Who did so much money belong to?

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The money kept appearing

There was as much money in that suitcase as they ever imagined, this really was not expected, in total they found inside that suitcase more than 30 bundles of 10, 50 and 100 dollar bills. But an idea emerged in Marilyn’s mind.

It would be possible that there was more money on the walls near where the suitcases had been found. They decided to go look and the surprise was monumental as they found more than 10 wads of $100 bills. For a moment this couple felt like millionaires.

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Money in piles and a double bottom

It was really something incredible all the money they had found, but they had the doubt if that money had an owner or who had put it in that place. They decided to keep checking the suitcase for clues that would help them, but they found something they didn’t think of!

That suitcase contained a type of double-bottomed compartment in which there was also what appeared to be a jewel.

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A newspaper with a lot of information

The couple’s doubts about what date that case was or the money were present in the midst of the happiness of the Find. John dared to say that the case was from the 1950s because of the information on the bills and their printing date.

The only way to get out of doubt was to check the newspaper that was in that secret compartment. The newspaper was dated in 1950 and the page that was found mentioned some events of the Second World War and entertainment .

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Contacting the authority

Marilyn was very suspicious about all this and had her doubts about what to do since it was an unusual find, plus there was money involved. This made the couple think it was best to notify the authorities.

Law enforcement officials moved in and were able to ascertain that at least many of these bills had never circulated in the market. so it made this discovery even more enigmatic.


Legal troubles were coming

The police officer suggested that the couple find a lawyer so that he would take over the investigation and prevent them from getting into trouble with the FBI. So they decided to hire a lawyer who told them that what they found amounted to about $50,000 today.

For several days everything was very calm, the FBI was following their investigation and this couple was still uncertain about what would happen. But without thinking, something extraordinary happened.

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Surprises are back

Days later, John decided to continue with the restoration of his house, but as if this were not enough, he found another suitcase similar to the first one. Everything seemed to indicate that this would undoubtedly make him a millionaire in less than a year.

The total value of the money in the second suitcase was about 80 thousand dollars today. This second discovery led this ohio couple to think that their house held some treasure, which would get them out of financial difficulties. Of course, they had to let the FBI know about the discovery so as not to interfere with the investigation.

A suitcase and a tape that left them puzzled

Finding this in the attic made the couple think of looking in the room next to the basement. Since they had bought special equipment to detect possible objects stored in the walls and on the floor, with that equipment they could see that something was hidden in the next room…

So, with the help of a mason, they began to knock down the wall again, bumping into three other suitcases which seemed to contain money as well. But this time they found a film that had a strange sign that said “Run for your life”.

The FBI raided the house

In light of these findings, the federal investigative office decided to seize the house and begin a truth-telling process to determine if anything had happened in this house and where the money actually came from.

The officers told the couple that the tape found had a series of war images, but showed nothing strange. This disturbed John and Marilyn who had to spend days at a friend’s house while the investigation continued.

Authorities find a film Arsenal

James Anderson of the FBI said, “This really hit us,” and rightly so. For the officers had found what appeared to be a small door leading to a subway bunker but what they found there baffled them.

In that armored room they found a significant number of weapons, from assault rifles to grenades to even medium-range missiles. How could this be true?’

Discovering the truth

Months after all this experience, FBI agents sent the couple a letter informing them of the findings. They learned that this particular house had belonged to a World War II veteran who died alone and had no family. Neighbors said he had a fascination with saving money and warfare issues. This explained a lot.

But with respect to the money, the FBI agents let him know that in a judge in the state of ohio who handled the case, he had taken it for granted that the money, having no mourners and having spent so much time, would be given to the couple. Of course, after having to pay taxes and other fees to the federal government.

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A happy ending

Knowing all this and going through this bittersweet experience, the couple decided to receive the money and with it to pay the mortgage and put the house where they lived these events for sale since for them it had been very strong.

Finally today John and Marilyn live happily in New York and sold the house which was demolished and a building was constructed there.

A happy but unexpected ending, right?