Why is everything so cheap at Aldi ? The 8 best-kept secrets of its success, finally revealed…

Aldi is by itself the most important supermarket chain in Germany, the country where it is headquartered. However, over the years its success has been so overwhelming that it has reached more than 15 countries, including the United States, where it competes side by side with large national supermarket chains.

Founded in 1946 and with some 10,000 employees, its success is such that in countries such as Spain it has a turnover of more than 1 billion dollars a year. Aldi offers extremely cheap products and although many people associate it with low quality, the multinational has done everything to change that image and attribute their prices to the fact that they are direct producers. But is it all true? What are their best-kept secrets? On the next page are the answers.

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Boxes on shelves

Most of the shelves of large supermarkets such as Walmart make sure that they are as colorful and well organized as possible, in order to have an impact on the customer and make them feel excited to buy an item.

But Aldi has understood that doing this is time-consuming and costly. So they have decided to leave the products in the same boxes and although it is not showy, it is a powerful strategy that has been successful, since consumers feel that they are consuming a fresh product from the factory.

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Few employees

Large supermarkets hire a lot of staff to perform different tasks in their stores. The cost of these employees is of course passed on to the consumer and is one of the reasons why some things tend to be more expensive at Safeway than at Aldi.

Fortunately, Aldi saw this problem and has decided to hire a limited number of staff in each of the countries where its stores are located. This allows it to do a more coordinated job with a reduced number of workers and thus avoid passing that cost on to the end consumer.


Not everything is as cheap as they claim

Aldi invests significant amounts of money in non-traditional advertising, especially in social networks and social influencers. This in order to have a stronger impact among consumers and not spend the money it would cost to appear on TV channels. But what we can say is that 100% of its products are cheaper than in other stores.

Aldi has a variety of proprietary products that in many cases are manufactured by third parties, but if you look at those products and decide to compare them to those of other brands it’s really only a few cents on the dollar difference.


Charge for using the cart

In supermarkets such as WallMart, it is the employees who most of the time decide to pick up the shopping carts that people leave in the parking lots and do not return to the store.

With this in mind, Aldi leaves a deposit pending until you return the trolley to the store, which avoids the need for employees to pick them up, thus reducing unnecessary expenses and losses.


Unique return policies

This is undoubtedly one of the aspects that most attracts customers in any business. The possibility of returning a product we don’t like and getting some kind of compensation is an excellent advertising hook.

Aldi understood this and for its customers offers a quite unique return policy. In that sense, if you don’t like a product and you have already opened and consumed it, you can go to Aldi and complain. They will take the package back and give you another similar product or one that you want to replace it with.


Deliveries are made

The possibility of receiving a purchase at the door of our homes is an option that is gaining strength with the advance of e-commerce. Large companies such as Amazon are pioneers in this and manage to bill hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Seeing this need, Aldi offers the option of having your orders delivered to your door through Instacart, a specialized delivery company. Initially this service will begin in Texas and Los Angeles.


Healthy products

With the increasing awareness of eating well to avoid health problems in the future. Companies have started to provide their customers with healthier and healthier products.

Aldi did not lag behind and has decided to offer products that are free of harmful products such as artificial colors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and the dangerous chemical monosodium glutamate. So the next time you buy a product at Aldi you will know that you are consuming healthy food.


No plastic bags

Although most U.S. states have emphasized banning the use of plastic bags due to the damage they cause, many large supermarkets have decided to opt for recyclable bags that take up to 10 years to decompose.

Aldi went a step further and offers customers the option of being able to buy a bag that they can reuse as many times as they wish. They are made of biodegradable material. You can also take the option of carrying your groceries in boxes, very interesting!…