The 15 most famous LGBTI couples in Hollywood!

Over the years and the openness on many topics that were previously considered taboo, has allowed many show business stars to make their sexuality known to everyone, without fear of possible social rejection. Many have even made their couples public.

These celebrity couples show that love has no boundaries and can go beyond what many conventionally believe, in some cases demonstrating that LGBT love can last for decades or a lifetime.

So today we’ll show you the 15 most famous Lgbt couples in the world of bluffing, more exactly Hollywood and see their beautiful stories

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1. Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades

Jillian Michaels was born in Los Angeles in 1974 and from a very young age she became interested in issues related to fitness and personal training. All this allowed her to start opening doors in the professional field and especially in television. One of the series he starred in was The Biggest Loser, which aired in 2004. This series allowed her to have her own show called Just Julian, where she met the talent manager of the show Heidi Rhoades with whom she fell in love and finally proposed a relationship. Today they are married and have two daughters together.


2. Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin for many decades was the idol of thousands of people in Latin American countries and the United States. His catchy songs, with Latin rhythms and his emotional personality enchanted many who admired him and even became the platonic love of hundreds of women who died for him.

However, around 2010, this singer of Puerto Rican origin decided to make his true sexual orientation public. Years later, his partner Jwan Yosef, a 36-year-old painter of Swedish origin, would make public. They look really charming!

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3. Kate McKinnon And Jackie Abbott

Kate McKinnon is a renowned American actress born in 1984 in New York. She has been recognized for playing important roles in series such as Saturday Night Live, The Big Gay Sketch Show, which has allowed her to be recognized on the Girl screen.

And although she is a very reserved woman you may not know it but her partner is called Jackie Abbott and she is also an actress who has participated in series and independent films such as the well-known Murder. Without a doubt they are one of the most beautiful couples on television.


4. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

One of the most recognized young celebrities in England is Cara Delevigne. Her work in singing, acting and modeling has made her an influential personality. At 28 she has been nominated for several modeling awards.

Although the famous model has been very introverted with her love life, recently she became public with the also American actress Ashley Benson.


5. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Lance Bass is undoubtedly one of the most recognized pop singers in the United States. He is currently 41 years old and owes his fame to having been a member of the iconic pop band ‘N Sync. He is a social networking celebrity with over 2 million followers.

Actually,  this famous is married to Michael Turchin, a 33 year old man from Florida. This couple has been recognized for demonstrating their love and commitment throughout the 6 years of marriage.


6. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon is without a doubt one of the most recognized television personalities in all of the United States, especially for her participation in the series Sex and the City. She is currently 54 years old and works on several television projects.

Nixon is currently married to Christine Marinoni, an activist who works with several NGOs that advocate for the education rights of marginalized and immigrant communities. They met in 2004 and married eight years later. They currently have one adopted child.


7. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Samira Wiley began her talented career in the show, working in television. Born in Washington, USA in 1987, she has been recognized for making her taste in women public and open.

Interestingly, while working for the television program Orange is the New Black, broadcast in 2013, the program’s writer, Lauren Morelli, had her heart set on marrying in 2017. They look really beautiful!


8. Elton John and David Furnish

Elton John is one of the most recognized singers in all the United States and especially in England. At 73 years of age he has managed to sell 300 million copies, making him one of the most prominent musical artists of his genre.

From a very young age, the British singer made public that he was gay. What we can say is that for some years he did have scandals with his partners. Today he is married to David Furnish, whom he met in 1993 and finally married in 2014.


9. Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

Tom Ford is one of the most recognized designers in the United States. He is currently 59 years old and throughout his professional career has been designing for brands such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

About her sentimental state, we can say that she is one of the most stable couples in Hollywood since in 1986 she met Richard Buckley, a prominent writer. Finally, in 2014, they decided to get married.


10.  Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes

Wanda Sykes is perhaps one of the actresses we remember from our childhood, as she appeared in films where she usually played comic characters. Originally from Virginia, United States, at 54 years old she has become an emblem of Hollywood, one of the most recent films was ” Evan Almighty” in 2007.

Although she was always very dedicated to her career, in 2006 she met Alex Sykes but it was only in 2008 that they made their relationship public. Years later they got married and are now the mothers of two beautiful twins.


11. Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak

If there is a series that has been successful on the small screen is precise “The Big Bang Theory”, which has managed to entertain by its funny characters. One of them is played by the actor Jim Parsons who at 47 becomes a celebrity.

Many of the fans of the series did not know it but Jim is Gay his partner is called Todd Spiewak who met Parsons more than 14 years ago. In 2017 this happy couple finally decided to get married.

12. Barry Manilow and Garry Kief

Barry Manilow is one of those singers that is not easy to forget, so much so that he captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans during the 70’s who were enchanted by his melodies. He is now 77 years old.

Barry found his better half in 1978 when he met television producer Garry Kief, and they have been together ever since. They were finally married in 2014, the year the equal marriage was approved in California.


13. Ryan Murphy and David Miller

One of the icons of American comedy is Rryan Murphy, who has been recognized for participating in series such as American Crime Story, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck that catapulted him to fame. He is currently about 54 years old.

Ryan found love in David Miller who is a musical lyric born in California. He has been one of People magazine’s Couples of the Year. They both decided to get married in 2017 and are currently living happily in California.

14. Alan Cummings and Grant Shaffer

If you were born in the 90’s, you must remember the films made by Alan Cummings that led to his immediate success. We could say that the 3 films that gave him his recognition were Spy Kids, The son of the mask and Golden eye. The UK-born actor is currently 55 years old.

In 2007 Alan met Grand Shaffer with whom he established a relationship. He decides to get married in 2012.


15. Jane Lynch and Lara Embry

Jane Marie Lynch is one of the most recognized Hollywood actresses in the world. She began her career in fame as a model, thanks to her slender body and her height of 1.82 that made her a woman of charm. She is currently 60 years old.

At his age he is happy with his fiancée Lara Embry who he met in 2010 and in a recent interview said she was the love of his life. All beautiful women.