You should read it: 7 symptoms that indicate that you can suffer from Prediabetes and not even know it

We live in a world where eating habits have been forgotten and sedentary life has become important in our daily lives. All this is key to more people in the world suffering from pre-diabetes, a condition in which sugar levels are high, but not enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. However, this condition is the gateway for your body to start deteriorating, especially the kidneys, liver and heart.

Today we will show you 7 symptoms that can be the alarm your body is giving off to indicate that you may have pre-diabetes and have your health at risk.

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7. Abnormal Blood Pressure

It’s estimated that in Spain, alone around 11 million people suffer from hypertension. This rather silent disease becomes a precedent for an individual to contract pre-diabetes more easily, this because the heart must beat fast and therefore eliminating less frequently the excess of the body.

Independent studies have shown a close relationship between hypertension and new cases of pre-diabetes. So if you’re a person with high blood pressure it’s important to start eating a diet full of fiber and lowering fats or sugars. Also get your blood sugar checked at least every 6 months as pre-diabetes is often silent.

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6. Vision Problems

One of the saddest consequences of blood glucose related conditions is the successive loss of vision. In cases of pre-diabetes and diabetes there is a high percentage of patients who begin to suffer a condition called diabetic retinopathy, in which the blood vessels responsible for light sensitivity begin to be damaged, leading to blindness over time

Another problem with high sugar levels is that the eyes begin to dry out, as the body begins to seek water from other areas of the body to remove excess sugar.

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5. Dermatological damage

One of the most common problems for people with high blood sugar is shown right on the skin. Diabetes has the connotation of affecting the immune system so people with pre-diabetes would begin to see skin problems such as flakes from fungi. They may also start to have constant allergies, dryness or itching of the skin.

As mentioned above, diabetes has the potential to alter the normal values of the circulation, making it possible for many of the extremities to become itchy. If you have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes it is time to start looking after your health.


4. Appearance of Gout

On our website, we have talked on many occasions about arthritis, how to avoid it and what are the factors that cause it. Gout is a type of disease very similar to arthritis that especially affects the joints due to the accumulation of uric acid that crystallizes.

This condition is caused by a diet laden with foods that promote uric acid concentration, such as beef red meat, sausages or other sweets. It has been shown that a person with high levels of pre-diabetes may be at risk of gout with stronger symptoms than a person without the condition.

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3. Continuous Hunger

If there is one organ that is affected when a person has diabetes, it’s the pancreas. This small organ is responsible for converting the sugar we consume into energy, but uncontrolled levels of sugar in the bloodstream force it to work harder than its capacity, which it will lose over the years.

When a person begins to suffer from pre-diabetes, his pancreas will most likely be failing, so by not completing the correct metabolic processes your body will think it lacks energy and will encourage you to eat more. So if you have this problem very often try to see a doctor.

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2. Exaggerated fatigue

In the previous point we mentioned the importance of the pancreas in our body to metabolize sugars. When our pancreas is unable to metabolize sugars well, there is an alteration of insulin so our body is practically without energy but with high levels of sugar circulating in the bloodstream.

The lack of energy resulting from the metabolism of the pancreas generates, too chronic fatigue, constant dizziness. This is because not enough energy reaches the brain and oxygen and tends to diminish its functions. Therefore if you feel extreme fatigue, accompanied by frequent dizziness, you need to pay attention to your blood sugar levels.

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1. Constant Thirst

The most prominent symptom indicating you may have problems related to pre-diabetes in the blood is precisely the constant thirst. This is because after a meal or during the day your body needs to get rid of the excess sugar that surrounds your blood. The way to do this is to look for water reserves throughout your body so that you can dilute it through urine.

It is therefore significant to reduce the intake of salty foods, as well as to stay hydrated. Because if you already start suffering from diabetes problems many organs will set to be compromised especially the kidneys, so water and sugar go very much together.

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The exaggerated increase in carbohydrates and refined sugars is leading to the appearance of cases of pre-diabetes more frequently than in previous years. Pre-diabetes is a condition where sugar levels are high but does not imply type 2 diabetes.

In that sense diabetes is a fairly silent disease as is hypertension. That’s why it’s important to recognise the symptoms your body gives you and can be key to understanding whether you might have pre-diabetes and not know it.