You won’t believe it! These are the reasons why crying can help your health.

Crying will always be a sign that a sadness is with us or that we were simply going through a rather strong emotional moment. Crying is such a normal action that we can be sure that we have all cried at some time for different reasons. Medical experts have repeatedly mentioned that the accelerated living standards we have as well as the decrease in affective factors could increase problems such as depression or anxiety that can affect people’s happiness. Sound serious?

For many people, crying is simply an act of vulnerability. But the advice that many doctors give is not to allow this type of concept to be accompanied by pressure and other types of distress that can make your problems worse, making your condition worse.

Today we will show you six reasons why crying could be beneficial to your health

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6. Helps release stress

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are an estimated 322 million people in the world, suffering from depression and another 234 million suffering from anxiety. According to the report, among the causes of the increase in people in these emotional situations are high levels of stress and frustration with their recurring work activities.

So when we are facing severe stress situations, whether due to overwork or other circumstances of daily life, and you feel the need to cry, it’s best to let it all out and shed a few tears. When you cry the tension in your body is reduced and the sympathetic nervous system which is activated widely to keep us alert to dangerous situations is relaxed, providing us with a valuable calm and tranquility.

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5. Eliminate Toxins

Every day our body generates metabolic processes, which generate waste that needs to be disposed of in different ways to prevent our body from becoming intoxicated by the high presence of these particles. The elimination of these toxins is produced through urine, exhalation and sweat, but an important part of these impurities are eliminated through tears.

In several scientific postulates, experts have managed to find that when a person cries, a series of neurotransmitters are activated, which increase the elimination of toxins by a greater percentage than if the tears were shed due to some irritation.

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4. No more Bad Genius

When you’re in that crying mood, you may experience a rise in blood pressure and even blood sugar levels may be affected. These physiological situations can alter your health considerably in the long term.

But beyond the physiological alterations stress, sadness and anxiety can lead to the appearance of substances such as manganese which, according to the latest experts, are related to increased irritability and worsen your emotional state. The advantage of crying over manganese is that when we do it our organism begins to get rid of this compound through tears and other forms of expression such as urine, this will improve your mood feeling happy and joyful.

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3. Increase and improve your vision

Every day our eyes are exposed to particles and pollutants that come from the environment, so they have a natural barrier such as blinking. With every blink our eyes try to refresh and clean the impurities that may have entered, even bugs that reach your eye.

Many times our eyes begins to lose nutrients as a result of the pollution conditions, we experience on a daily basis. Tears have an importance in our vision, since it allows us to intervene in the cellular nutrition of the eyes. Therefore, when you cry, apart from relaxing, you are helping to hydrate and nourish the eye, thus avoiding problems with eye refraction.


2. Reduces Pain

Surely when you cry, you feel a rather strong pain in your body. However, the moment you stop crying your body starts to feel a relief. Has this happened to you?

The answer to this phenomenon, according to scientists, is that when we cry inside our body, changes begin to occur at the hormonal level that allow substances such as oxytocin and endorphins to be released, which are related to happiness and reducing pain. So when you suffer an injury, whether it’s a burn or another and you cry, you’ll immediately start to feel relief. This natural response has been developed by our body to maintain survival in times of risk or danger. So when you suffer an injury, don’t hesitate to cry, it will help you to feel relief at that moment.

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1. Preventing diseases

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the most frequent causes of illnesses such as anxiety or depression is directly related to physiological alterations. Such alterations can range from increased heart rate to alterations in blood levels or the functioning of organs such as our stomach.

In this sense, experts have managed to corroborate that the appearance of ailments such as ulcers or gastritis is related to emotional problems and distress. And although you may not believe it, crying can help you feel happier and release all that tension which can improve and stabilize the whole functioning of your body.